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Game World One prides itself in having authors who are the most dedicated and passionate individuals in the Football Manager Live community. Content writing is obviously our biggest strength, so we’re always looking for more people to contribute articles, express their opinions about issues, discuss strategical choices and help others through tutorials – especially those that have shown to be exemplary community members, active participants on the forums and promoters of the game in the most helpful, comprehensive way possible.

We’re continuously on the lookout for fresh talent to submit their writing…
…and we’ll repay your time and energy by compensating you for your work.

This offer is open to the entire FMLive community – new users, skilled veterans, moderators, beta testers, top managers as well as those fighting their way up. No previous writing experience is necessary. Only a unrelenting passion for the game is required. Our goal here to both help teach the uninitiated about the basics as well as provide strategic insights for the long-time users in the game worlds. Your willingness to share your thoughts to improve everyone’s enjoyment of FMLive is all we ask.

For each article you submit and published here, you will receive:

  • £3.00 for any written piece of at least 500 words.
  • £5.00 for any written piece of at least 1000 words.
  • £8.00 for any audio/video piece of at least 5 minutes.

All content submitted must be original written material by you, has not been previously published elsewhere, nor can be afterwords on another website.

You may, though, freely post links to your piece as well as shortened excerpts of it anywhere you’d like without needing permission from us whatsoever. You will be given written credit for your piece as well as an author’s profile & byline on the bottom of the article.

If applicable, you will also get a link back to your own website, blog, Twitter profile, Facebook page, or any other URL you would like. While we strictly adhere to having a 100% original content base, we always go above & beyond directing readers to additional relevant and useful content created by the community no matter where it is.

It’s really that easy. Write one article a month. Play FM Live for free on us!

In order to keep the standards as high as possible at Game World One, we do ask that articles are written with reasonably proper grammar, spelling and organization. We have no problem taking the time to edit your work here and there to correct errors or to make things a little clearer.

Feel free to write about anything you wish. Realize though that we primarily seek content that helps, informs or educates other users in some fashion.

Please do not send us game world reports, team updates, match-by-match accounts or anything specific to your squad – that is, unless it’s being used solely as an example to explain a concept, strategy, tactic, feature or function in the game. There are many great GW blogs already in the community for this type of content – we’ll be more than happy to get you in touch with them.

We reserve the right to reject submissions for any reason if we feel it doesn’t meet our needs here. You are more than welcome then to publish any content we don’t accept elsewhere, on other blogs, websites or forums.

The most important question: How and when do you get paid?

There is no limit to the number of articles you submit. We schedule many of our pieces well in advance. But you will be compensated based on the date published and not on the date submitted. You will receive payment on the 1st of the month for all of your published articles of the month preceding it.

Compensation will be paid via Paypal only. You must give us a valid e-mail account there in order for us to send funds. There are no exceptions.

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle: How do you submit an article?

It’s very simple. E-mail it to us at

Plain text format is preferred, but you can send a Word document if you so choose. If there are any images you would like to include in your piece, please attach them as well (and let us know where they should be placed). For the author profile, please also write a short byline about who you are (game world, team name, experience, etc) and any URL you would like linked there.

If you need any further clarifications about this process, want to run article ideas by us or have any other questions about writing for this site, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We’d love to hear from you!

Game World One is committed to supporting the Football Manager Live community by both providing great content for all as well as rewarding those passionate few who contribute for the benefit of others. We thank you!