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Mar 23

Football Manager Live: A Fresh Start


Tomorrow sees the re-launch of Football Manager Live with some big changes, it’s not quite the unveiling of FML 2.0 (that will be after the 3D match engine), but plenty of big changes for those who have played before. The biggest change most will notice when their new world opens is the starting squads and a more relaxed beginning to a gameworlds life. No more of the race to log in first and grab the best players, the new worlds have pre-assigned squads and whether you log in for the first minute or 2 days (even 20 days) later it won’t change who get to choose from in making your first squad. So how does it all work ? On joining a new world everyone will receive…

Mar 11

Football Manager Live Gameworld Types


Finally back to a normal and stable internet connection, after a month or so away from FML i have a fair bit of catching up to. The following article was actually written some months ago, but with the recent announcement about the relaunch of FML it’s still worth posting. The current choices between gameworld types will be a fairly important step come relaunch so make yourselves aware of the differences between the two major types. If you haven’t chosen as yet – or wish to change your selection you can do so via the official website. Back in November 2009 the first part of the announcement dealing with the future of Football Manager Live talked about the different…

Feb 01

What’s in the new update? 1.4 Extras


With 1.4 due out today, it’s time to take a brief look at some of the updates. I’m currently in the process of moving house, so this has been written before 1.4 goes live – as always, expect more in-depth analysis of the new updates in the coming days at! Gameworld Lottery A weekly lottery now takes place within each gameworld, a random selection of 4 numbers from 1- 13 will be drawn each week and players can purchase any number of tickets to enter. Tickets and prizes will be in reward points. Anyone with a ticket matching the winning numbers will receive a share of the total pool. If there are no winning tickets then the prize pool will jackpot to…

Jan 08

Giving us something to play for? SI’s latest prize money revamp


In July, I wrote an editorial on the structure of prize money in Football Manager Live. In it, I essentially called for a dramatic reduction in income sources which weren’t directly related to official competition performance, such as stadium income, general income and media money; and this should be replaced by a greater emphasis on prize money, based on finishing positions within the league pyramid. Well, on Monday, the new FML Future Developments forum contained a suggestion from Ov Collyer: Suggestion – Give Prize Money More Importance The general idea behind this suggestion is to tie more of your income into your performances in competitions in a given…

Jan 06

Football Manager Live v1.4 – Rankings and Awards


A number of new features added to the 1.4 update will change the way Football Manager Live is played by all, but one of the biggest changes is probably the removal of a feature ~ rather than an addition. The removal of extra cash rewards is the first step in making a club’s financial stability more dependent on continuing performances and less about rewarding those who are already at the top. Along with the removal of cash rewards from “friendly” competitions, the 1.4 update also sees cash rewards removed from rankings and awards. World Rankings The world rankings have changed to return the emphasis to major FA competitions and a team’s overall reputation….

Dec 21

Football Manager Live Suggestion: Preselected Squads


The first topic in the Football Manager Live “Developers Forum” is a good one, and pleasantly it has received a lot of constructive input from a large number of people. Whilst there are certainly some dissenters (there always will be), the majority of respondents are definitely in favour of the idea in principle. Although there are a number of concerns around how a change like this may be achieved and what game play aspects may be lost along the way. The biggest justification for moving to preselected squads is that it should totally remove the perception that being first into a game world is a big benefit. The current situation places too much emphasis on the…

Dec 10

Football Manager Live: v1.4 Player Assessments


Continuing our look at the bigger changes coming to football manager live in v1.4 with the player assessment system, for those accustomed to using the judging potential skill to find good youth players for them this might come as a bit of a shock. A major shift in the relevance of this skill sees the removal of instant player assessments on all regens as soon as they appear in your gameworld. Instead a more thoughtful system that requires both time and individual selection of who you want to assess. Aimed at working alongside the addition of Youth Academies the introduction of assessment lists and time based assessments will have a dramatic effect on youth wages and…

Nov 27

The Future of FML – Looking for Positives


The announcement is finally out; Marc Duffy has laid out the plan for FML moving into 2010 with the future of Football Manager Live Part 1 and Part 2. Is it all good? Well it’s certainly created a lot of angst on the official forums, and that was always to be expected but the interesting point is the majority of people are agreeing with the principle of the decision they just aren’t happy about how it will affect them. The one big underlying problem facing FML was the fact that the current worlds are not attractive to new users, and if new users don’t join a game world then it will eventually die. That’s important to consider, because even under the new format…