About Our Passion For Football Manager Live

GameWorldOne.Com was originally conceived in December 2008 by Jordan Cooper and Gareth Millward. It aims to bring the Football Manager Live community the most incisive, informative and up-to-date information including articles, editorials, podcasts, videos and strategy guides.

Our correspondents all have varying interests, skills and experience with the game, and that is reflected in the breadth of information we are able to cover. Each member of our staff has a particular specialty in which he covers in-depth, just like you’d see in your local newspaper. In this way, we hope to offer you something new each day you visit the website.

“It’s the five-star household name of Football Manager Live fan sites.”
Bertie BG, SEGA Community Officer

“A shining example of what I like to see from the community.”
Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive Studio Director

GameWorldOne.Com has been featured as #1 on the official website since it’s launch and has been one of the primary content providers of articles there.

Our Long History With The Game

Although we do share a unique relationship with the developers – beta testing the game, discussing the intricacies of new features and debating fundamental concepts in the game play, we strive to present the most balanced and unbiased view of Football Manager Live and hold journalistic integrity in the highest regard.

While we cannot typically disclose many new features in the game until they are official announced by the developers, we use this access to benefit the community by preparing the most accurate and strategically in-tact information and making it available for public consumption at the earliest possible time. We usually present visitors with the latest “scoop” quicker than any other available unofficial source.

In addition to our written content, a podcast is produced and released regularly that discusses all the latest talking points and happenings with Football Manager Live. Guests on the show have included beta testers, moderators, Sega staff and Sports Interactive developers, even the creator of the game itself!

GameWorldOne.Com is definitively and overwhelmingly the place to visit regularly if you are a current subscriber, new user, or have any interest whatsoever in the Football Manager series and Football Manager Live.

Who Are The People Behind The Site?

photojordan About Us

Jordan Cooper

As a co-founder of the GameWorldOne.Com website, Jordan is very well known in the community for his well-written, in-depth (and long!) posts on the official forums. On the game’s beta testing team since March 2008 and being a former professional poker player, he has an expert’s grasp of strategic decision-making and game theory concepts.

Although not a bred from birth fan of what Americans call “soccer”, Jordan’s natural instinct to teach brought him to host/produce the Get Sacked! podcast, originally covering FM2008, but now is solely dedicated to Football Manager Live. In his time away from the game, Jordan makes his living as a touring stand-up comic in the United States and supports Liverpool.

photomillie About Us

Gareth Millward

“Millie” is a co-founder of GameWorldOne.Com and has been part of the Football Manager Live beta testing team since Spring 2008. Having been on the tactical staff at FM-Britain, he helped write Tactical Theorems and Frameworks and was involved in the development of the new tactical interface in the FM series.

Unsurprisingly, Gareth writes mainly about tactical matters, especially the use of real-life tactical theories in the game. Firmly believing that the game and the community surrounding it can be a success, he can also be found discussing game concepts and debating the long-term future of FML.

Gareth lives in the English midlands and is currently studying in London for a doctorate in history. Outside of FML, he supports Walsall FC, officiates as a referee in his local football league and can occasionally be seen trying to look intellectual in the St. Pancras area of London. To date, he has been unsuccessful.

photospider About Us

Mark Burton

Mark’s interest in Football Manager Live started with an invite to beta test back in January 2008. Being fortunate enough to have “technical issues” from day one, he spent the first week with forum access but no game access. It was there Mark discovered the opportunity to have an impact on the development of the game through the constant communication with the developers. A Moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now in game world Sanchez, the community aspects of FML are a large part of the continuing attraction he has for the game.

Born in London and moved to Australia, Mark has 22 years of experience in the printing industry. He has spent a lifetime playing a variety of sports and continues that passion in competitive 8-ball and through positions on a number of committees at the Campbelltown Sports Club.

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