Apr 27

Episode 41: Strategic Approaches in the New Era of FMLive


One month past the re-launch, we discuss strategic differences between the game play of FMLive past versus update 1.5 onwards.

The new framework of player wage demands, club reputation & skill specialization – what does progression look like now in Football Manager Live?

How hard will it be to reach & stay at the top of your game world? Does anyone really have a clue what the FML economy will look like down the road?

Joining me on this episode is a well-known member in the FML community:
Jak Swan – beta tester & writer of one of the top FMLive blogs on the web.

A run down on the topics & issues we cover on the show:
Game world progression – is FMLive a “rags to riches” game now?
The evolution of the new reputation system.
Is this results-oriented economy going to have teams break away too far?
Are too many utilizing strategies from the “old” FML that don’t apply anymore?
The effect of academies on the youth-oriented approach to success.
Existing gameworlds: will it be a race to exploit the new users?
Player pools & improving your initial squad gradually through cheap transfers.
A casual pace versus having more things to do for “hardcore” users.

If you would like to submit a listener question, have your Football Manager Live blog/site featured or can suggest any topics you’d like to hear discussed on the show – don’t hesitate to e-mail us or leave a comment below.

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Written By Jordan Cooper
A moderator on GW Fowler and a co-founder of Gameworld One.Com, he has hosted/produced the Get Sacked! podcast for nearly two years providing humor and strategical insight to all about the FM series.
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  • Curt Hullstrung

    what?? not set to DND? no Autoresolving? what the hell kind of half-assed podcast was this????? (just kidding of course)

  • Stephen Westrip

    Good podcast but it ends abruptly and mid-sentence.

    By the way, the Facebook connect button does not work correctly.

  • Are you talking about the FB button to share the post or the one for the Disqus comment system? Both seem to work fine for me, but I'd definitely like to know what's happening on your end.

  • Stephen Westrip

    The Facebook connect button above the 'Type your comments here'. I get an Facebook error in a pop-up window 'Error while loading page from GameworldOne.com.' and a choice of either a 'Try Again' button or a 'Go Home' button.

  • steve888

    cool podcast bro

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