Apr 12

Episode 40: The Re-Launch Roundtable


The Get Sacked! Football Manager Live podcast is back! After the hiatus waiting for FMLive to come out of virtual ‘purgatory’, we return to look at the recently re-launched game worlds.

What a difference four months makes! Between the 1.4, 1.5 updates and the brand new game world structures, Football Manager Live definitely has some teeth in it once again.

What has changed for the better? Lots. It’s all looks quite impressive. Will this rejuvenate the previously struggling MMO game to achieve the glory it rightly deserves – or is the future still really up in the air?

Joining me on this episode are three long-standing members of the FML community:
Mark Burton – GW1 administrator & support moderator from GW Sanchez
Paul ‘Scally’ O’Brien – moderator from GW Voller. (as well as other game worlds)
Sean Kaye from GW Happel & former GW Fowler moderator.

A run down on the topics & issues we cover on the show:
Are we finally ready to retire the often-used stereotype of game world “hoppers”?
Will SEGA/SI keep to their edict for new GWs or be tempted by vocal pressure?
Injuries and the importance of squad depth now more than ever before.
Are managers focusing way too much of youth in this changed economic model?
On-pitch performance and it’s factor with the return on investment in purchases.
A final grade for the re-launch as a whole: What do our guests think?

If you would like to submit a listener question, have your Football Manager Live blog/site featured or can suggest any topics you’d like to hear discussed on the show – don’t hesitate to e-mail us or leave a comment below.

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Written By Jordan Cooper
A moderator on GW Fowler and a co-founder of Gameworld One.Com, he has hosted/produced the Get Sacked! podcast for nearly two years providing humor and strategical insight to all about the FM series.
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  • RyanGresty

    After watching that live webcast you did, i decided to check out the latest podcast, i see its very good, unlucky about the 15minutes bit but, oh well great as always!

  • Jason Smith

    Top notch poddie... shame about the 15 mins!

  • Thanks, dude! The recording program I have works 99% of the time, though - use it for a ton of other stuff - just had bad luck with it for this episode. Will try harder next time!

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