Mar 23

Football Manager Live: A Fresh Start


Tomorrow sees the re-launch of Football Manager Live with some big changes, it’s not quite the unveiling of FML 2.0 (that will be after the 3D match engine), but plenty of big changes for those who have played before. The biggest change most will notice when their new world opens is the starting squads and a more relaxed beginning to a gameworlds life.

No more of the race to log in first and grab the best players, the new worlds have pre-assigned squads and whether you log in for the first minute or 2 days (even 20 days) later it won’t change who get to choose from in making your first squad.

So how does it all work ?

On joining a new world everyone will receive a similarly balanced pool of players to choose from, up to 50 players in a pool, and it’s from these that you select your first squad. All the players used in these pools have acquisition fees below 100k, so no big names for a lucky few. Each pool has been balanced across a number of factors including Current Ability (CA), Age, Player Positions, Acquisition Fees and in the case of youth players Potential Ability (PA) has also been used.

There may still be some small discrepancies between individual pools, but overall the balance of what’s available to everyone from day one is very good. If your after a certain type of team, all youth or one nationality, then you will have to build it up over several seasons just like anyone who wants a world class team will have too.

The initial 500k is still there for you to purchase the players from within your pool for your first squad, the only real change here is the limited wage cap of 50k from the start and given the fact all the best players are unavailable it’s something you will hardly notice.

Squad Confirmation

The other big change with initial squads is you no longer have to confirm your squad before playing a match. You now have the freedom to try out all the players in your pool over a few days with friendly matches before you confirm your squad. There is no real benefit to confirming early – nobody gets any income until the first season starts so there’s plenty of time to check out all your players and decide just who you want and who you don’t.

No more benefits to signing in a squad of cheapies and raking in a bit of extra income over the first few days, the only real benefit to confirming early is it gives you the chance to try and sign some players from the free agent pool (in wage auctions), but as the only players available here through the pre-season are those rejected by others from their initial pool there’s not too much advantage.

Once you do confirm your squad any players from your pool that are not selected in your squad will be released to the free agents pool for anyone to bid on through standard wage auctions.
You do not need to confirm your squad until the Transfer Market officially opens.

Transfer Market

You will not be able to Buy, Sell, Loan or Swap players with any other manager until after the first season starts! Again, no benefits to getting in early and trying to set up deals with people who haven’t tried out their players, the transfer market is closed until the season kicks off.

The only players available to purchase throughout the first off season are those rejected by others from their initial pools, and these players can only be purchased via the standard 24hr wage auction process.

Star Players

As noted above the other big change to the early seasons is the absence of the big name players, you can’t just be the first to save up enough cash to buy them. All the big names are held back (locked) from the market for a period time. Over the course of the next FOUR seasons these players will slowly be introduced to the free transfer pool, making them eligible for wage auctions. But, the bigger the name the longer it will take for them to be available, with the very highest Acq Fee players being held back for four seasons.

Important to note here that players do not age until they are available to bid on, so locked players will become available at the age they were when the gameworld started even though they have been held back for 4 seasons (years).

That covers most of the big differences to the start up procedure for teams in new worlds, it’s worth noting that this system only applies to the beginning of a gameworld. Those who join in seasons to come will still have a choice of players from the entire free agent pool and as mentioned in the article on Gameworld Types they will also some other players held over especially for new teams – depending on the age of the gameworld.

Good Luck with the re-launch, a fresh beginning for all !

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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