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What’s in the new update? 1.4 Extras


With 1.4 due out today, it’s time to take a brief look at some of the updates. I’m currently in the process of moving house, so this has been written before 1.4 goes live – as always, expect more in-depth analysis of the new updates in the coming days at GameWorldOne.com!

Gameworld Lottery

A weekly lottery now takes place within each gameworld, a random selection of 4 numbers from 1- 13 will be drawn each week and players can purchase any number of tickets to enter. Tickets and prizes will be in reward points. Anyone with a ticket matching the winning numbers will receive a share of the total pool. If there are no winning tickets then the prize pool will jackpot to the following week.

Removed Cash Prizes

Cash prizes have been removed from unofficial competitions, instead friendly competitions can now be set up with reward point entry fees and prizes.

Cash Prizes have been removed from Manager, Goal of the Week, and other player awards, these will now earn additional reward points.

Votes will also operate under the reward points system and any manager may now create a reward point’s based vote.

Competition Tax

Now that cash prizes have been removed from friendly competitions Competition Tax is removed following the completion of any season after 1.4 is rolled out, any prize money earned through official competitions is now included as part of general profits.


An adjustment to squad training sizes now sees up to 60 players able to train at a club before squad size begins to affect player development. Youth Academy players are exempt from the player squad limit until the age of 21.

A number of changes to the player progression code, this should now see youth players develop slightly faster and older players decline slower.

Youth development now places more emphasis on a players professionalism and less on their ambition, combined with some other position specific player progression changes this will slightly change the way players develop.

Changes to the limitation on player reputations, now players with a lower CA have the opportunity to reach a higher reputation level if their on field performances warrant it.

Changes to the player regeneration code should see a slight increase in the rate gameworlds are topped up with new players.

Along with adjustments to the country of origin for newgens from youth academy positioning, a players initial age will no longer be region specific allowing more players to start at a younger age regardless of location.

New Teams and Restarting

New teams are now given a slight boost when entering a gameworld from the 3rd season onward, with the removal of early sales tax from players in their initial squad.

Any manager may now restart even if they have wage auction bids in for a player already, as wage auction bids are sealed this is now an unnecessary restriction.


Changes to the achievements panel so it now shows the progress of achievements.

Underdog achievement is now based on team reputations instead of team ranking.

Mail items sent to a friend about new achievements unlocked will now display more detail to make the achievement more meaningful.

Achievements can now be added to one of the panels on the new home page overview.


Added some new skills specific to the introduction of youth academies, these are located under the infrastructure heading but require base youth coaching and scouting skills before learning.

Changes to the way Physio skills work in line with the overall changes made to the player injury system.

Added four new Touchline Instructions

Control Build-Up:
- Play Out Of Defence
- Hit Early Crosses

Control Final Third:
- Run At Defence
- Play Through Defence


It is now possible to place bets on the result of a match with your opponent using reward points.

Auto Resolve

A change to the auto resolve system now sees a minimum of 60 seconds between matches “Auto Resolving” to make it easier for someone to play the matches they want to live.

Reward Point store

The change from cash based friendly comps to reward points sees the inclusion of a reward point store where cosmetic items can be purchased with accumulated points. Team Mascots, Emoticons, Pitch designs, Shirt designs are amongst some of the thngs that can be purchased. Reward points are “manager” based, which means they can be maintained should you move between gameworlds.

News & mail

A number of changes to both the layout of the news and mail messages and types of mail generated. The layout changes are designed around improving the ‘readability’ of messages (along with more icons to identify the type of message). Also a switch to a Nightly Report to replace the old world ranking and financial projection mails, as well as some new mail messages about final league or group placing once these are confirmed.

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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  • Quality article. Makes me want to play now! Some nifty features that I missed from giving FML up but make me look forward to in 1.5, which will have even more!

  • Yes, Youth Academies are in 1.4. They are mentioned in the text. I think this is more a run down of the little extra things that might have gone unnoticed.

    Our editor, Mark, is away at the moment, so I've just put up what he's sent me! :-)

    There's a good run down of the core features here:- http://www.gameworldone.com...

  • Youth Academies ARE in 1.4 :)

  • wisesif

    so no academies in 1.4 isnt?

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