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On The Forums – 1.4, Youth Academies and More …

On The Forums

There’s a definite sense of expectation spreading throughout the Football Manager Live gaming arena of late, and the official forums are no exception. With the lure of 1.4 not too far away and a growing sense of approval for some of the ideas being discussed in the developers’ forum, the sense of dread felt by many about the reset has changed to a renewed enthusiasm. The scheduled restart in March this year is now something people are looking forward to rather than something they fight against.

FML Version 1.4 Announced

The planned release date for the 1.4 update into the current live gameworlds was announced last week:
“We plan to release Version 1.4 on Monday 1st February and there is likely to be an extended period of downtime that could see the game unavailable from 6am until 8pm (GMT)”
With a number of key changes and some new features it’s one of the most anticipated updates so far and carries a fair amount of expectation from those playing, with some suggesting it will determine whether they continue post reset or not.

Sign up to BETA test Football Manager Live

There are a lot of changes and improvements coming before the reset and to assist with the increased work load Sports Interactive have decided to create an additional Beta World. So whether you are still playing or just want to see what all the fuss is about then now is an ideal opportunity to get on board, beta worlds are run different to the live ones but this post from Bertie BG outlines some of the significant differences so if your interested check it out and sign on now.

Good Idea ?

Dex22 raises an interesting way for the community to get further involved in Football Manager Live. His suggestion here is to allow those playing the game a bit more input in the news items generated in game after each match, as mentioned they begin to get a bit repetitive after awhile.

Not sure whether it’s by giving people an opportunity to submit new ideas for news items to the developers, or by creating a in game news service that people can contribute too. But either (or both) would be great addition to the game and anything that helps bind the community together is always worth a closer look.

IRC – Chat with people across gameworlds …

On the topic of community involvement, some of the guys from Coppell have got themselves organised and created an IRC Chat Room. With many of these guys playing across many live gameworlds, as well as the beta world of Coppell, they have decided to open it up to anyone interested.

So if your gameworld is a little quiet of late and you want somewhere to chat with others playing the game then check it out, with many of these lads also involved in the beta process you may find out some interesting snippets on what’s coming while you are there! Connect to the server (IRC.UTONET.ORG) and join the channel #FML.

If you have no idea what an IRC channel is or how to set it up then check out the thread, there’s a fairly comprehensive selection of links to information on everything you need to do to get involved.

Around The Community
About Time

Like the The Fiery Baptist a few weeks ago, this is another post from a blog we’d thought long gone. The Almost Retired Blog has an interesting perspective, with sides in Muhren, Miller, Shearer, Hoddle and Coppell it gives good coverage on what’s going on across a number of gameworlds. This is the first post since last August but hopefully as he mentions he will now find more time to do regular updates on what’s happening with his sides and the gameworlds they are in.

Jakswans Blog

Jakswan is probably the busiest of FML bloggers and this week has been no different, fortunately he’s one of the more interesting too.
In The Big Questions he offers some insights into the new wages being looked at for Football Manager Live and where some of the resistance to it lies. Then in Men are Needed Now he looks at how these changes have affected the valuation of youth players along with a hint on how vital maintaining a high reputation is now to keeping a top side together.

Finally Why are Wage Auctions Dirty? is a little rant for those who argue against the system ~ I think. With some of the new changes in Miller (1.5 code) leaning toward more emphasis on this area of the game it’s getting a lot of attention. But as Jak says, it’s got to be about looking out for the new guys not the established clubs, we’ve all seen what happens if the new guys don’t stick around in FMLive.

Developer Blog – Youth Academies

Rob Cooper is the guru of youth player development for Football Manager Live (amongst other things) and his blogs are always informative. This one takes a look at the new Youth Academies and how they work, it also includes some insights into the strategy behind choosing where to build so definitely a must read.

Barcalonika TV – “REGEN-eration X”

If anyone rivals Jakswan as the busiest blogger then it’s probably G. Wise over at Barcalonika FC, always one of my favourite stops in the blogosphere the detail here is brilliant. As promised after the response to his first episode of Barcalonika TV, there’s now a whole lot more. The full version of this one goes for 25 minutes, but it’s split across 3 parts. Another great merger of real life footage and the stars of Barcalonika in action so if you got a few minutes check it out. Parts 2 and 3 can be found on the Barcalonika FC Website here.

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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