Jan 11

On The Forums: World on Fire


Not another sensationalist GameWorldOne article?

Well no, not quite.

I spent Saturday sweltering in 48 degree heat in a barren but beautiful part of my country, and fires have raged since then in many areas – the picture attached to this article was taken near a small town in the hills behind my house. I am well aware of the freezing conditions many of you living in the UK and other parts of Europe are experiencing in your winter. But it’s Summer here and although it’s only just begun we are already getting reminders of last years tragic bushfires that took so many lives. I would like to dedicate this article to those who have to deal with those tragedies year in, year out!

So what has been happening in the realms of Football Manager Live while I’ve been luxuriating in the sun this week?

On The Forums

The big action this week has been in the developer’s forum, with a couple of topics centred on future developments and some options for further improvements of the game.

Give Prize Money More Importance

Highlighting the need for more focus to be placed on the importance of a teams performance each season, this thread looks in length at some very good ideas around the separation of a clubs daily “required” income and there earnings from league performances.

Where it possibly falls down is in getting across the difference between daily income (termed in thousands) and the lump sum payments of leagues (in millions). This has led many to believe the lower teams would receive nothing, when in fact another way to look at the same figures would show a team acquiring 1.4 million for no effort each season (as a guaranteed minimum).

The ideas in this thread are not about reducing the overall income of teams, but about changing the way they receive that income – and hopefully placing more emphasis on performance on each season.

Stopping The Top Clubs Breaking Away

As a breakaway from the earlier thread, this one was separated to focus more on the questions surrounding player wages and how that aspect may be tweaked to increase the pressure on teams to perform at a level suitable to the players they own.

Some key areas discussed here are the possible removal of the limit on player locks, and also the removal of the tax on player wages. This would allow for teams to lock up any number of players, offering a more secure base for each club, as well as removing the tax penalty for those who acquire world class squads.

The offset of course is steeper and more realistic wage increases each season for the players in the better teams. In short the better the player, the more he wants (as now) but also the better the team the more the player wants ~ as in the real world. This would present an added layer of difficulty to any team hoping to hold onto a team of star players season on season, but still allow reasonable chances of others building such teams to begin with.

Both of these discussions should be looked at together rather than one alone, as the basis of the changes assumes both areas working together. Some suggested high wage levels for star players become more reasonable when we consider the proposed changes to the prize money structure changes in the other thread. But if looked at in isolation then it’s understandable that each idea might create imbalances on it’s own.

An interesting facet of both discussions is that some people the changes increasing the gap between top teams and bottom, and other people see it as a form of levelling everyone so there is no difference. Aside from that confusion, and with plenty of reservations about specific figures, it looks like there is a large swell of support for “the principles” of these ideas at least.

Winner of 12 days of xmas 3 month code

As mentioned in this thread all winners of these competitions across all gameworlds should have received their free 3 month subscription codes by now. While I had hoped to link in an official blog list of all the winners this week, I couldn’t find it. But congratulations to all of you from gameworldone.com anyway!

Around the Community
Giving us Something to Play for – Part 2 !

As one of the earliest instruments to propose radical changes to the performance related aspects of the FML financial model. GW1’s own Gareth Millward backs up his earlier “Giving us Something to Play for” article with a editorial on the discussion in the developers forum. Whilst he his obviously on favour of his original suggestion as always he attempts to take an unbiased look at the suggestions being made.

Development – A New Age

Jakswan presents a quick an overview of some of the discussions to already take place in the developers forum, and focuses on his interpretation (and opinion) of the big discussion about changing the wage structure to a more representational basis. Some good comments from someone who was initially sceptical about this issue, and with it already being experimented with in one of the beta worlds it’s worth catching up on Jak’s description of how it might all work.

Midnight here and it’s still above 30 degrees C – back to the pool for me. Enjoy the weather where ever you are in the world, but a spare a thought for those who get out in it all and help those in need!

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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