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Football Manager Live v1.4 – Rankings and Awards


A number of new features added to the 1.4 update will change the way Football Manager Live is played by all, but one of the biggest changes is probably the removal of a feature ~ rather than an addition. The removal of extra cash rewards is the first step in making a club’s financial stability more dependent on continuing performances and less about rewarding those who are already at the top. Along with the removal of cash rewards from “friendly” competitions, the 1.4 update also sees cash rewards removed from rankings and awards.

World Rankings

The world rankings have changed to return the emphasis to major FA competitions and a team’s overall reputation. After a brief experiment with completely removing them in the beta world it was noted that having something to “play for” on a daily basis is as important to some as the season overall. Based on that Rankings returned but in vastly different format to that seen in the live worlds.

Now teams are placed in a number of different ‘ranking bands’ based on the reputation of the club involved. So getting to the next band still requires good results in your official FA matches, as that’s the only place you can attain reputation, but it still allows those who want to judge themselves against the other teams of their level a way to do so, without having to be measured against the whole gameworld.

Ranking Bands

The world rankings are split into 5 different ranking bands, each one relevant to 4 levels of reputation. As your teams overall reputation increases you will move through the relative bands, in this way the teams are pitted against each other in the rankings based on their respective strength overall.
The ranking bands are defined by the following:
• Bronze Rankings – Reputation Levels 1-4
• Silver Rankings – Reputation Levels 5-8
• Gold Rankings – Reputation Levels 9-12
• Platinum Rankings – Reputation Levels 13-16
• Elite Rankings – Reputation Levels 17-20

Moving Ranking Bands

The ranking band relevant to your team is set at the start of each season, where you will receive a news/mail about which band you will be in for the coming season. You cannot progress through the ranking bands mid season, but each season these bands will be reset and you will be placed in the rankings band relevant to your clubs reputation. The only way to climb through these bands is by improving your reputation and as reputation is only provided through official matches it ensures FA performances are a major focus even if chasing stop in the world is your aim.

Each ranking band requires a minimum number of clubs to reach that reputation level before it becomes active, so there will be times in a gameworld where the top few teams are classified in a band below their reputation level. But when more teams in a gameworld achieve that level they will be split off into the higher ranking band.

Ranking Points

The ranking points continue to be worked based on the Glicko system, but are now updated hourly, not just at midnight. Ranking points are visible on the world rankings page where you can see how well you are performing within your band, as well as comparing your total points to the teams in other bands if you still want a rough gauge of how you might stack up against them when you improve your reputation.
Ranking points will revert to the old system that included all ranked matches, friendly or official, although “official” FA matches are still worth slightly more than others.

Player and Manager Awards

After a number of requests throughout the forums for additional awards, 1.4 sees a big overhaul in this area of the game with many new awards added and some changes to the old ones.

Global Awards

A number of additions to the global awards see more recognition given to players performances with a series of individual awards and a gameworld team of the season.
Player, Most improved Player, Most Assists, Midfielder, Golden Boot, Goalkeeper, Forward and Defender player of the season awards are now automatically selected for the best senior and youth players in the gameworld.
There are also two manager nominated awards for Youth and Senior Player of the Season.
The winners of these awards go on to fill out a “Team of the Season” complete with all positions displayed on a pitch diagram and a full bench of 7 substitutions.

Football Association Awards

Previously awards were limited to one of each for the gameworld as a whole, now each Football Association presents it’s own awards for Managers and Players. FA Manager Awards are similar to those already present for the gameworld as a whole (Most Improved, Manager’s Manager, Community Manager and Manager of the Season).

In addition to these are new awards for Players culminating in the FA’s Team of the Season. These awards are also available on a world wide scale.
Player, Most improved Player, Most Assists, Midfielder, Golden Boot, Goalkeeper, Forward and Defender player of the season awards are now automatically selected for the best senior and youth players in the gameworld.
There are also two manager nominated awards for Youth and Senior Player of the Season

Ranking Awards

Ranking awards are now available for each of the individual ranking bands, giving more managers an opportunity to claim this prize. With the ranking bands now being defined by a clubs reputation level it’s now more about being the best team of your level rather than having to compete with the whole gameworld to win these awards. Team of the Week and Mover of the Week now apply to Elite, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze rankings as well as an additional Newcomer of the Week award in the Bronze band.

Changes to the old Awards

Cash is no longer given along with winning awards, being replaced in all circumstances by reward points. This applies to the weekly awards like goal of the week or team of the week, as well as seasonal awards like manager of the season. Another change to the awards is an overhaul of the “Voting Slip”. Now awards that allow for voting are displayed in a similar manner to the Goal of the Week type awards, with a description for each option which includes some information on the managers / players performances over the past season.

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Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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