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On The Forums: Holiday Edition

On the Forums

The wrapping paper should be on it’s way to the recyclers by now, and the festivities of New Year’s Eve have receded to a dull ache in the forehead, the holiday period is all but over (although many will be waiting with trepidation for the credit card bill to arrive). So what has happened on the official forums and around the traps over the last week or so?

Oliver and Paul Collyer’s – M.B.E.s

“I am honoured to be able to announce that Oliver & Paul Collyer, founders of Sports Interactive, originators of the ideas that have become Football Manager and Football Manager Live, and all round good blokes, have been awarded M.B.E.’s in the New Year Honours List for their services to the UK games industry.” Miles Jacobson

Congratulations are definitely in order for Paul and Oliver. The games industry is not a usual recipient for this type of honour, but over the last 20 years their endeavours have definitely had an impact on many, many people. The fact it’s been spent doing something they enjoy is a benefit for all of us, well done gentlemen!

FAO FML Mods only

Not entirely sure what or why the OP is referring to in this thread, whether it’s referring to in game or forum profiles is unclear. But, dr p wigwam raises some interesting questions, how do new people get to know who the moderators in a game world are and could it be made clearer.

Not sure that anything really needs to change here, but then I’m not a new user! With the emphasis of moderators in gameworlds more about helping than policing, anything that can be done to make finding them easier (and clearer) is worth looking at.

Guide Updates – 1.4 : Bonus Images

Alex Harris continues his spamming of the forums with more updates on additions to the Football Manager Live Online Manual, for an official overview of all the coming changes this is the place to go. Keep up the good work Alex, not sure it’s ever going to get you an MBE but you do have the gratitude of all that play the game.

Suggestion: Opponents List

An interesting suggestion that has generated much comment, currently the opponents list will suggest you have NO opponents if those you have matches scheduled against are already playing. The suggestion here to clarify that a little by letting you know they may be available soon makes some sense and may be enough to keep someone online for a few minutes more waiting for a match to play.

Again this is something that won’t appeal to the more experienced users, we all know how big the opponent list can get already, but for a new user to the game it may be a useful option.

So is your GW officially dead then transfer market wise

I can recall threads like this one appearing a year ago when Stadiums apparently killed the transfer market, how many times can it die? I’m not sure there’s too much relevance that you can place on the current state of play, but this thread raises a couple of pertinent issues.

Knowing when to buy and sell players is as important as setting a price. In all gameworlds, even under healthier times, there will be fluctuations in market activity and learning what triggers them is a valuable tool to have. The current state of play may emphasise these a little more and perhaps something useful can be learnt from that before the reset.

The other issue highlighted here, and across all worlds at present is the impact inactive teams can have on a gameworld, one of my pet peeves, not going to go on about it again here but I do hope some useful boundaries are put in place before the re-launch to deal with this issue.

Around The Community
2010 Not Boring

Always one of the more prolific bloggers on the FMLive scene, Jakswan has had a number of good posts throughout the holiday period. This latest one concerns mostly the Beta worlds, but the suggestion of big changes to come in the financial structure of FML is worth keeping an eye out for.

“Once again been told my forum persona isn’t popular, this is understandable some can’t seperate debate from an argument. I suppose I do go on about some issues I shall have to try and resist posting so much.”
Don’t change a thing Jak ! Sadly it is the bane of those who comment on the game; apparently we are either “doom mongers” or “fan bois”, sometimes both ~ there appears little room for anything in the middle. But I for one enjoy your posts and blogs, even if I don’t agree with them.


With 3 months since their last post I had been thinking the The Fiery Baptist was another blog lost to the community, but this recent post shows there is some life left in St John and in fact it appears to be going through some form of a resurrection. Welcome back guys!


The Hoddle Legends blog has been busy through the holiday period with a number of “previews” of the coming changes in the 1.4 update. Highlighting each of the major features (and a miscellaneous page), they have gone through the change list and broken it out into the relevant sections. If you’re after a quick search tool to highlight what’s changing in each area then it’s worth a look.

The Wonderful Match Engine

The final word this week is back to Jaksawan’s Blog, the match engine cops it share of flack at times most often from those who don’t pay attention to the smaller details. This post from Jak highlight’s an important area that many overlook and offers an insight for people struggling with the psychological aspects of match day player management.

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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