Dec 20

On the Forums: Christmas or Xmas?

On the Forums

With Christmas just a few days away the mood of the forums has been much healthier this week, or is it because skill points are being saved?
Whatever the reason the official forums have been a much happier place this week, the threads are more constructive and glimpses of humour begin to return between the participants.

12 Days of Xmas

The official reason of this thread was of course the announcement about the in game competitions planned throughout the gameworlds in the lead up to Christmas Day. Political correctness stepped in though and with that a mini debate on whether it should be called Christmas or Xmas.

Club Reputation and Ranking Change

An interesting thread more from the perspective of how little information gets through to many playing the game rather than the topic in it’s own right. This started off with a request to change the ranking and reputation system prior to the restart, something that has been under way in beta for a long time now. Fortunately the timing of this thread coincided with the release of information into the manual.

Guide Updates – 1.4

Just a link thread really, the real one is Get Ready for 1.4! where Alex Harris has begun linking in the new pages from the online manual. With some new sections outlining the coming changes in 1.4, this thread will continue to be updated as more pages are added.
New Features
Feature Enhancements
Full Changelist
Is it a Manual or a Guide?

Stadiums, Supporters, and Atmosphere in FML a Hoare’s view

Not a lot of responses in this thread to date, but Andy Hoare raised some interesting questions around how atmosphere and specific supporter types might be used to better effect in Football Manager Live. Atmosphere hasn’t been linked into the game as an effect on the match engine, but it will be sometime in the New Year. Some of the suggestions in this thread are worth considering; it is an area that could develop in a number of ways.

FML Update: Skills, Free Time and 1.4

Not sure how anyone could of missed this announcement during the week, but if you did then it’s worth checking out. SI/Sega have agreed to extend the free play time up until the date of the reset, no great surprise there it was the only logical path to take. The addition of a partial reversal on the skills issue was not really expected by many. Generally welcomed by the majority, there are those who question the reasoning behind it. If skills were a big an unbalancing factor to start with, then how will this decision affect the future of the game?

The answer here lies in the changes to the skill system itself; keep in mind this announcement is about keeping “Skill Points” and not the skills themselves. So the developers have brought forward their plans to overhaul and expand the whole skills area, hopefully to an extent where specialisation becomes a more valid path. More to come on this subject in the New Year so we will reserve our judgement until then.

Around the Community
End of Aandy United Blog

“Sadly, as you have all heard the news about FML. FML is doing a hard reset soon in March of 2010 approximately, and so I have decided that there’s no point in continuing our blog. The journey will continue, however I will no longer be documenting it all.”
One of the more prolific bloggers in the community it’s sad to see Aandy’s blog disappear from the scene, hopefully it will be back bigger and better when FML 2.0 kicks off next year.

Spotify Playlist Gaga

It appears the guys over in Hoddle were going gaga last week, a lot of people listen to music while they are playing Football Manager Live and the Hoddle members have their own spotify playlist to get them through. In fairness I think this blog was aimed at getting some more input to get them away from Lady Gaga’s songs, rather than a plea for more.

While on the issue of music it’s come to our attention that some FML players now have their own show over at Firebrand Radio, I have tried to connect with them through the forums (PM) but no response as yet. If any of you are reading this drop me an email here at, would like to hear how you can utilise that show for the Football Manager Live community as a whole.

Inflation Again

Jak Swan has been looking / thinking about the overall economy a fair bit recently, and this time it’s a look at overcoming inflation. Worth checking this one out, and more importantly thinking about how you would like to see the economic factors in the game changed. With an upcoming thread in the Developer’s Forum expected on this very issue it is something we all can look to improve with the benefit of the past years experience.

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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