Dec 18

Building Your Gameworld Community: Part 2 – Competitions


This week, I want to show you how running friendly competitions in Football Manager Live can increase the interaction and competition between members of your gameworld. I am going to use to great examples from my own world, Nicholson.

The Quick Cup

This is a competition that I run, an eight-team knockout competition using a quick play format. Sounds quite dull, doesn’t it? Well, there’s a twist. The team which has won it the most times has their name put on the trophy. So instead of being called “The Quick Cup” you get “The Welsh Dragons Cup”. Now everyone has a reason to play, because the competition is well-advertised by me and the other two organisers, so basically the most dominant team gets plastered around the chat rooms of the GW. Not only that but they can legitimately claim to be the greatest team ever.

quickcup Building Your Gameworld Community: Part 2 – Competitions


Yes, I have only won it twice despite entering all 37 times it has been played. But! I have been the biggest runner-up, with a grand total of eight 2nd places! There tends to be a lot of banter in these matches, they mean a lot more than the regular friendly matches.

Another reason this concept for a tournament works is that people are more likely to join a tournament they know will be starting very soon. Even if just one user is signed in, advertising in your FA chat room and the Market Place will fill it quickly. I can fill it in less than five minutes, in a very small GW. Imagine what this will be like when we get 1500-user worlds…probably have to increase the size to 16 teams!
I also run a four-team youth version of this competition, but with just four users, as there aren’t all that many youth teams that sign up.

The Super Cup

This is run by a fantastically dedicated manager, Paul Hayes. It is a 64 team friendly competition in the style of the Champions League (16 groups of 4 then knockout format), with small cash prizes. But there is a twist.

I called Paul dedicated, and this is why: he does a comprehensive match report of every single round. Now, imagine what that is like when there are 64 teams to mention…it’s a fantastic read. Want to get attention? Do well in a competition like this and you get mentioned to 63 other managers (effectively the core of your gameworld, then) as the team to beat. Often we watch the final rounds together, and there is nothing better than having three or four spectators in one of your matches. You feel special!

supercup Building Your Gameworld Community: Part 2 – Competitions
Cup Finals

This seems like a basic pointer, and…well…it is. But like I mentioned earlier, for those of you who have never experienced it before, having a live audience is actually quite special. But how can you draw them in? Well, advertise your match before it starts and while it is playing! If it is an FA final, post a link in your FA’s chat room.

Banter in these matches is usually in great quantities, and always hilarious. If it is a Gold Cup (or Silver Cup etc) final, I’m pretty sure your moderators won’t mind you posting a link to the match in the main lobby. If you have an audience of three or four managers, then good times will be had. Especially: penalties and here I speak from experience. Trust me, getting an audience is one of the funniest aspects of this game and it is almost never mentioned.

Thanks for reading; I certainly hope this instalment is more to your tastes than the last one. In the next part I am going to talk about how mod/org organised events, such as quizzes, can give some of the greatest chat lines in history. Comment below for constructive feedback, which I will take into account when writing in future.

Written By Chris Rowlands
Hailing from Gillingham in Kent, Chris runs the Nicholson SFA Newsletter and is the manager of Norfolk In Chance in that game world.
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