Dec 16

Football Manager Live Future Developments Discussion Forum


Tuesday saw the opening of the new development forum on the Sports Interactive Community Forums. Open to all current subscribers of the game this new forum offers an opportunity for the developers of the game to discuss ideas about the future.
In order to maintain a constructive line of discussion this new forum is slightly different to others on the Official Forums in that only members from SI or Sega will be able to open new topic threads, although all current subscribers will then be able to reply to those topics.

With a different set of rules of use, this forum will be more strictly regulated than some in order to maintain it’s integrity as a constructive area of debate. It has also been stressed that any topics brought here for discussion are done so as “Ideas” and not as future features. This should enable an open discussion on many areas for possible consideration in future development.

Future Development Discussion Forum Rules

1) This forum does not constitute BETA testing feedback or bug reporting. There are separate forums for those purposes.

2) All ideas posted in this forum are just that; ideas. It does not mean, in any way, that these ideas will definitely happen in any form.

3) In the same manner, just because this forum might give a lot of support for a particular idea, it does not mean, in any way, that the idea will come to fruition. We are well aware that the forum is not necessarily representative of the entire user base and take that into account when deciding which features to implement. With that in mind, we will also be pushing out these conversations via our Social Media networks (blogs / facebook / twitter etc.) in order to try and get as much varied feedback as possible. However, Sports Interactive’s decision on features is final.

4) With the previous two points in mind, please make sure that all posts on a topic are done in a constructive way. Some ideas you may love, some you may not. Trolling and sweary rages are not permitted and will be deleted. If you don’t like something, please tell us why – but in an adult and controlled manner.

5) Posts may be responded to by all current Football Manager Live subscribers but can only be started by SEGA and Sports Interactive employees. This is to ensure that the forum is kept organised and remains useful as an area to gain feedback.

Future Developments Discussion Forum

The aim of this forum is to provide an area for current subscribers of Football Manager Live to get involved in discussions regarding the future of the game if they so wish. We understand that people are passionate about the game and we welcome people to comment on some of the ideas we put forward.

The first topic opened for discussion in this forum is the idea of Preselected Squads.

“We’re thinking of having it so that when you join a one of the new GWs after the reset, your squad is preselected for you and you either cannot change it, or have very limited control over changing it before it is confirmed.
The idea is to eliminate, once and for all, any perceived or real advantage to getting into a new GW early and manually picking your squad before others have signed-in yet.”
~Ov Collyer

What’s your opinion?
Preselected Squads

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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