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On The Forums: Boredom, Badges and Barcalonika TV

On The Forums

Back to normal? Well not quite, more than anything a quieter mood as settled on the Official Forums this week. Whether that’s due to a gradual acceptance of the coming reset or just from a lack of activity is difficult to tell, in fairness it’s probably a combination of the two. There were some threads of note this week though, the release of the 1.3.3 update probably the most important.

Update on the 1.3.2 server hotfix (was 1.3.3)

Originally listed as the 1.3.3 update the change to calling it a 1.3.2 hotfix is down to the fact a client upgrade was not required. One of the smoother updates so far for Football Manager Live this one is purely server side and initial reports indicate it has addressed the progression and attribute issues people were concerned about.

Bored? Want a challenge?

What to do for the next 4 months? It’s the question on a little people’s minds right now, and many are simply losing interest in playing daily as they search for a reason to keep playing. This thread highlights another good suggestion on what to do, for some it’s been the way they have played all along. Trying to build a National Team can be an interesting experience, especially if you’re trying to get a successful one.

The concept is one that most want introduced to the game as an official feature at some stage, but one that few actually try to build on their own. If you are searching for a new purpose over the coming months then it’s certainly worth giving it a go, this thread highlights the introduction of National Team FA’s in some worlds, so perhaps a move to one of these and a fresh start is just what you need!

Current state of all gameworlds in FML

This thread was started by maddognorway by listing the number of managers that signed into his gameworld and it’s been added to by several others. Using figures based on the last 12,24 and 72 hours as well as the last 3 months it highlights the “health” of gameworlds, and with most game worlds having less than 400 ranked teams it highlights why the reset is needed.

To quote chrish0rn “The thing that will dip mostly, is the time that people log in for. I still log in occasionally now and then, but instead of spending 5+ hours playing and chatting, I spend about 10 mins in my gameworld.”
Even though many worlds still maintain a regular 100 or so teams logging in daily, people are doing so for much shorter periods of time than they were before the announcement.

Farewell for now

Due to personal reasons FML has lost one of it’s badge makers, Dex has decided to take a break from making badges and closed his request thread and his website. There are a number of talented people assisting the community in the badge making enterprise, but the loss of any of them will have an impact. The good news on this front though is the return of yet another of those badge makers with the return of Arcticmonkeys. If you want a badge made or want to check out his gallery you can do so via this website.

keep skills and stadiums

The debate around the loss of skills will continue for some time, while many wait for the decision on this area from the meetings within SI Towers, there are those who continue to plead their case on the forums. This thread is generally constructive with one of the pro skills set FunkyBacon, highlighting some other areas of the game that also need work.
So no, FML’s problem is not that people have better skills than noobs, it’s because:

1. Your friends can’t help you in any meaningful way.
2. There is absolutely no meaningful PvE where people can go to escape getting consistently pounded by better players.
3. There is no tutorial period for the game, where new players can be sheltered from more experienced players while they learn how to play.
4. No one likes to lose, and unfortunately, someone has to lose every time someone wins.

Whilst he doesn’t really get past the fact that the current skills system creates too big an imbalance in older gameworlds and needs changing, he does present a number of other areas of the game that could do with some changes as well.

What should skills be?

Continuing with the skills topic, lukekarts offers an interesting proposal to revamp the entire meaning of them. He proposes that Club’s be limited to getting 4 and 5 star skills in just one or two areas, so that you have a more specialised gameworld. This would then be combined with the options to allow people to provide services for each other, such as building another’s stadium for cash. A constructive thread with a number of good suggestions from people on changing the way skills are utilised in the game.

Super FAs a big failure……

The Big D raises the question of the point of these FA’s, based on the general inactivity involved with any of the competitions. In the thread the general consensus is that the less imaginative competitions were the biggest problem, but the quick play leagues and some of the other competitions have been worth playing. With some broad changes being discussed for the future of FA’s in general it will be interesting to see what the 1.5 update does for the SUPER FA.

Around The Community
FM Live Moving forward

This post has a had some editing since it was first released by Jakswan, whether that’s because of the rules on disclosure from beta or a change of heart on his own view is unclear. But what remains is Jak’s grand scheme to fix FM Live, in essence it’s a complete overhaul (removal) of the current FA system. While Jak’s ideas always have some merit I’m far from convinced that this one contains the complete fix he’s suggesting. I do however agree the FA system needs a good shake up before the reset and hopefully this will be a major focus of the 1.5 update.

Football Manager Live Blog (in Italian)

Not accustomed to checking out what’s going on in the foreign language blogs around the Football Manager Live Community, but in part due to the mention in the article from Zoli on GW1 this week I decided to check out the FMLBlog. I have been here before knowing the manager of River Lamber from early beta testing, but my shocking grasp of other languages tends to keep me away. Still this time I utilised the power of google to translate the pages and was quite impressed by some of the articles I found, two stand outs.

FML: A man’s world (ok so the picture hooked me in here), but it’s a good article from a female perspective. Daniella looks at some of the possible reasons why it’s such a male dominated game, and sadly the issue of idiotic chauvinism is part of that. Although the humorous side of that, it’s the guys who can’t handle being beaten by a woman who become the problem. With some of the women in FML now taking up posts as moderators, organisers and chat helpers, hopefully the future will see all gameworlds more welcoming of their presence.

Schemes for Corners on FM Live Another good article, this one looks at how to improve your scoring ratios from corners now that the old “Corner Cheat” no longer works with the latest match engine. With links back to a more in depth post on the FM Tactics and Training Tips forum if a lack of scoring from corners is an issue for you then they are worth look, even if it isn’t you may learn something to stop your opponent!


“Our eagle has two heads, Our souls have one home…….”
A lot of individual blogs come and go, but some make the grade and continue to provide regular and interesting updates about their team or gameworld. Amongst the best of them is BARCALONIKA FC run by G. Wise Sif an enthusiastic member of the Keane game world since launch. This website is dedicated to the exploits of his own team and the goings on in his gameworld and it’s constantly updated with regular new content. This week he’s unveiled his latest addition with a great video about his club ~ BARCALONIKA TV! ~ Definitely worth checking out.

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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