Dec 10

Football Manager Live v1.3.3 Released


The rollout of the v1.3.3 update for Football Manager Live is due to be rolled out today from 6am onwards, this should be completed by midday (hopefully earlier). The focus of this update is player attributes and progression it’s worth taking a detailed look at just what changes are coming.


• Added a patch to rebalance player set piece & crossing attributes so that players who have experienced drops in these areas should have the negative effects removed and instead be given progression in these areas equivalent to progression seen elsewhere

• Made some changes to smooth out the extreme drops in attributes and ability for players when they cross certain age thresholds

• Made a slight change to progression as whole giving it a small boost overall

• Made a change to training in some attributes so that the way they are treated varies based on the player. For example Composure is now classed as a goalkeeping attribute for goalkeepers but an attacking attribute for strikers. This should address issues experienced with goalkeepers seeing drops in concentration and composure and with crossing for wingers

Attribute Rebalancing

Due to the feedback received about some of the recent changes and fixes to player attributes and progression this section of the update has been designed to rebalance the changes experienced across specific attributes related to set pieces and crossing.

It works in several stages, initially it will go back over X amount of days and look at the changes experienced in the relevant attributes since the recent changes. Then it will undo these changes, reverting specific attributes to where they were prior to the effects of recent changes, it will then proceed to calculate the average attribute changes experienced for that player in the ensuing days/weeks and apply that average change to these specific attributes as well.

Finally it will check the new state of progression against where the player’s current ability should be and level out all attributes to maintain the balance of the players current ability. Importantly this may result in some decreases in other attributes to compensate for the increases in the specific attributes fixed by this patch.

Aging Players

Changes to the way attributes decline as a player gets older, instead of some of the big drops experienced initially players should decline more gradually over several seasons. Players just past their peak (30,31) should experience minor drops that will then increase over several seasons as the player ages.

Decreases to physical attributes such as pace will start once a player is significantly past their peak (33+) and continue to increase over time. This adjustment should see an extension in the useful life of older players and in line with recent changes to signing costs add greater value to these players.


A small boost to overall progression of players, in future this should ease the controls regulating player progression and assist all players to progress in line with the criteria for player progression.


All players are placed in specific training schedules ‘behind the scenes’ in FML and this patch brings in some changes to the training schedules and the focus of particular attributes within those schedules. This will adjust the focus of player training and therefore progression making it more relevant to the individual player. Attributes like crossing are now more relevant to wide midfielders and concentration more relevant to goal keepers for example.

In addition to refining the attributes focussed upon in training schedules it also changes the relevance of particular attributes for varying player types, so composure becomes classified as an “attacking attribute” for Strikers but a “goalkeeping attribute” for goal keepers. This change should see more natural progression for player’s dependant on their primary positions and reduce the incidence of players performing well in many areas but showing alarming drops in some individual attributes.

Specific changes to how mental attributes develop through natural progression have been made, particularly with goalkeepers, and these changes will be included as part of the 1.3.3 rollout”.
Rob CooperSports Interactive

Note – A late name change now sees this listed as the 1.3.2 Hotfix. This is because all the changes were done server side and no new client download was required. So don’t panic if your still running v1.3.2

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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