Dec 06

On The Forums: Questions and Answers

On The Forums

A slightly calmer week on the forums, as the shock from the initial announcements on the future of football manager live and the reset coming next year begins to wear off. A number of more productive threads have cropped up, although a degree of the frustration remains, for the most part it’s all about questions and answers.

Podcast Feedback Thread

On the whole a generally positive reaction to last weeks Podcast with Marc Duffy and James Schall, this thread is open to a range of comments and any further questions people may have. Frequented by all those who participated on the podcast, any outstanding questions will be answered at the earliest opportunity.

Q & A Returning Stars

The future of FML (Part 1) discussed the two major gameworld types that would be coming after the re-launch of FMLive in the new year. Although many of the finer points remain to be announced this thread was produced shortly after to address a number of the questions directly relating to the returning stars type of gameworld. Whether you’re interested in this world type or not it’s probably worth checking to see more on what the plan is.

Letter to SI / SEGA

Possibly the more productive of the anti restart forum threads still active, this one has a number of healthy debates on several areas. If your inclined to present a useful and constructive debate against any part of (or all) of the reset announcement then this is probably the best place to do it.

No refunds for unused portion of subs

Covering what the title suggests this thread contains a number of questions about future subs. Followed closely by Sega Marketing Manager James Schall (swissyellow) the simple answer here is it’s unlikely, but all cases will be treated on their merits so contacting support is the only real option.

Rags to Riches? How are Newgen worlds going to survive?

Initially started to discuss the merits of the newgen gameworld type and what shortcomings it might have. This thread has gone on to broach a number of other areas with some very constructive input from the majority of posters. To quote shafto “Plenty of adult discussion based around actual ideas for improving the game instead of lamenting the reset or whining. Finally some progress!”
Well worth a read !

Around the Community
Poll Review Gameworld Types

The official Football Manager Live Website ran a poll last week about which type of gameworld people would prefer, the results can be found here. Not a lot between the two choices, although whether that would be different with more detailed information on the two types is unknown. For now it appears the Fantasy Worlds have a slight edge amongst the current subscribers.

Hoddle: The Football Association Revolution

The website for those that play in the Hoddle gameworld, Hoddle Legends has an interesting blog this week on suggections for FA refinements for the time remaining in the current gameworlds. Whether you play in Hoddle or just want some ideas for your own gameworld it’s worth taking a look.

An initial start to return things to normal this week saw a number articles unrelated to the reset, the beginning of a series on Building Gameworld Communities along with More Tips for Success and Millie’s continuing tactical documents with Balance is the Key.

The big news of the week though was obviously the Interview with Sega and Sports Interactive about the reset and answering many of the questions sent in by listeners. What to do Until Your World Ends ? has some worthwhile suggestions for those at a loss for reasons to play on until the reset.

Jakswans Blog

Jakswan has been very busy this week, of note his Is FM Live Doomed takes a look at back at some of his older blogs to show much of where FML is right now was visible to many a long time ago. His brief Let’s be Upbeat doesn’t quite live up to the title, but some good news in his assertion 1.4 may not be too far away, and the first ever draft went through without a hitch in the miller test world. For me the most humorous part of Jak’s week was his brief foray with another game, the Eve On Line Review sums up his experience of another of the more popular MMO’s on the market. If you thought FML was frustrating at times then it’s worth a read.

Keane’s Last Stand Football Association

Although news of the changes coming seems to have had little effect on the Hanabishi FML Blog it does get a mention of sorts in the acknowledgement of Keane’s newest addition to the football associations. Considering they got 80 active members to join within 48 hours it seems at least some people are continuing to focus their activities on the pitch these days, instead of joining all the doom and gloom on the Official Forums.

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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