Nov 29

On The Forums: The Future of Football Manager Live

On The Forums

No prize for guessing what the main focus of the forums has been this week, between the main two threads about the announcement there have been some others though.

The Future of FML (Part 1)

As expected this one is all about the first part of the announcement, although a very large proportion of the replies are more focussed on where’s part two. Still a number of good questions arose about the new game world types. Rather than trying to wade through that though I’d recommend going straight to the Q&A thread posted in response. Q & A – Returning Stars

The Future of FML (Part 2)

Part 2 of the big announcement created a bit of a stir it appears. Over three thousand five hundred replies (although many duplicates) it does not make for a pleasant read. To be fair there is a lot of great questions and Marc Duffy in particular spent a lot of time trying to respond and there is some good information, but the amount of time it’s going to take you to go through it all probably isn’t worth the effort.

One important note to be made on this thread though, there was a so called revelation posted about a change of plans being announced to moderators. I can ensure you this is very inaccurate, just a case of some unenlightened rumour mongering, so don’t get your hopes up based on that.

GW1 Podcast Interview with Sega/SI – Submit Your Questions Here

Unless you have had your head buried deep in the sand of a South Carolina beach this week you’ll be fully aware that all of us here at have been doing all we can to both explain more about the announcement, but also to gather as much feedback as we can to address on next weeks podcasts.

Some good responses in this thread and others along with a huge amount of emails so thanks to everyone, we have a very large number of questions for the team at SI/Sega. Due to the time it will take to go through all this we are now looking to produce this over two podcasts that will be available next Wednesday and Thursday.

Petitions and Polls

One of the more underused sub-forums generally, it certainly got a battering this week. With Petitions and Polls on just about every aspect of the announcement that people aren’t happy with. From petitions to save Cantona or at least 1 old world, save the skills, stop the reset, whatever it might be that you don’t agree with this week there’s a place for you to vote on it.
There are also some constructive polls about alternate solutions or which type of new style game world appeals to you.

As all the skills are going to be reset anyway…

One of the more constructive threads on the skills issues, instead of just asking for them to be saved. This thread started by Trainspotter starts of the premise that if they are that big an issue and we are losing them, why not change the whole system so it doesn’t become an issue in the future.
Some good thoughts in this one and it certainly appears a reasonable idea to work on, how long it would take or exactly how to change them may be the biggest issues.

Around the Community
End Of The Worlds

While the rest of the community appears to be ignoring the current announcement we can at least rely on Jakswan to post his opinions. With his blog on the End of the Worlds he poses a few questions and his thoughts on whether this solution from SI will work. As much as I enjoy reading Jakswans blogs this one is a little more negative than we are used to from him.
Bring back T-bag and his Rage Quit blog that could have been fun this week.

As usual has covered all the latest news coming out of football manager live. This week a number of articles specific to the big announcement, from the full unedited posts of Marc Duffy under News and Announcements we also a some editorial comment from Mark Burton Looking for Positives and Gareth Millward with Let there be Light – First Reactions as well as the initial responses from a number of our staff here GameWorldOne Staff Reactions that includes Jordan Cooper’s holiday video (well kind of).

P C Gamer Blog

Not somewhere that often carries content about FMLive, this week they did pick up on the big announcement. Although it appears they haven’t contacted anyone at SI or Sega for further information they do present another point of view for many to look at. Now that they have picked up the news perhaps they will publicise the game more in the future.

A notable addition to this article is the lone commenter, a former player who had cancelled his subscription. “Although this move is drastic I think it does need it of it has any chance of survival, guess time will tell if this move will save it at all.”
So perhaps SI is not as far off in their interpretation of the cancelled subscribers as many think.

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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  • Name

    That's it, I'm done with this game now. Been playing FML and CM-Online in parallel for some time but I can't be bothered with rebuilding a year and more worth of skills and team building. CM-Online is more fun anyways and also free so easy when I think about it the decision is pretty easy. Cheers FML for this year, but it's TTYN for you.

  • T-Bag

    There would have been no rage, i fully support the reset :p

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