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The Future of Football Manager Live GameWorldOne Staff Reactions


Now that the information is out there and people are considering all the ramifications of the two part announcement on the future of the game, I though it would be worth sharing the initial reactions of many of the people who provide content for
How closely do we reflect the community’s views?

Mark Burton

Having written a number of articles on how I thought the future of the game should go I was relieved more than anything to see Sports Interactive and Sega take the plunge and commit whole heartedly to the future of the game, even though it may cost them in the short term.

I can certainly understand the frustration of many who have played for a long time, but I firmly believe there was no other logical course of action to make Football Manager Live sustainable long term.
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Torbjörn Ivarsson

“Well, I had a feeling this would happen. I don’t think it will solve the problem, but am happy to be proved wrong. My biggest worries is also that the mod teams will be split and that will not benefit the game at all. I also hope for the sake of SI that all people who say that they will leave the game don’t do that, because if they do SI really needs to recruit some new serious numbers.

In Hoddle most people seem upset about it and are saying they will leave some have already done so, mainly because they dont feel they have the time to restart. I must say it has not gone over board and the users have keept it very civilised in the lobby.”

Gareth Millward

It looks like SI have finally got the courage to make a definitive and bold move. No doubt they will lose a lot of subscribers in the short term, but this is clearly a gamble that the company is willing to make. The backlash is perfectly understandable – and it remains to be seen whether the game will survive this immediate turbulence.

Overall, though, resetting gameworlds was the only logical decision, given that the older gameworlds are now damaged beyond repair. The trick now is to make these new gameworlds accessible and relevant to subscribers old AND new.
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Nick Kakoschke

Immediately after reading the second ‘Future of FML’ announcement I thought surely this cannot be! A quick click on the clock on my screen revealed the calendar, and to my dismay it wasn’t April 1st!

I can’t think of anything else they possibly could have announced that would seriously have me contemplating quitting the game. Whilst I agree that joining an existing gameworld will be more favourable with all these changes, I still believe that nothing in either of the announcements actually fixes the core issue with the game – that a new subscriber would never want to join an existing gameworld over a new one given the choice – which will still be the case.

The most concerning thing for me, as what I believe to be the core issue with the game isn’t actually being fixed, is that there’s no reason to believe we won’t be in the same position again this time next year. At least this is excellent news for my wife, who will likely send Marc Duffy and co. a rather large and expensive thankyou gift if I end up quitting FMLive.

Philip Sinkins

When faced with life or death, the fight for survival always leads to a final resort, THIS was the final resort and i do not envy Marc Duffy and the rest of Sports Interactive in having to announce such a thing to the subscribers.

We are still in the anger phase, when people finally let this sink in they will realise it was the best option for the game to have ANY future. What we all need to do, Moderators, Organisers, Chat Helpers, Beta Veterans or simply Fans is not try and kill the game off, we need to prepare it for the fight of its life next Easter for all our sakes.

Chris Rowlands

While this is probably a better decision for the long-term welfare of the game, I feel that announcing this and then making us wait 4 months is a little unfair. What I also find unfair is some of the overly extreme reactions of some managers. You would think this is a life or death situation from some of the things that have been said. Personally I will miss my team, I stuck with pretty much the same bunch of players for many seasons, but they will live on in my memory, which is all that really matters to me. Finally, I am certainly looking forward to meeting new people in a new gameworld!

Jordan Cooper

Jordan is still on holiday but was “allowed” the time to send in a video of his thoughts on the announcements, unedited this is Jordan ’straight off the cuff’ so he does apologise if he appears to ramble on in parts.

A final reminder about this weeks podcast – if there is anything you want an official answer to then send your questions into today!

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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  • I think there could have been a compromise that would have been just as effective.

  • tonyone

    Well having read both articles relating to the future of FML i'm more in favour of continueing to play the game in future rather than packing it in which was my first reaction, perhaps another thing for consideration though is inviting all the current managers of a particular GW to join onmass to one of the new GW's, that way a lot of friendships will continue to flourish and its always nice to have a friendly manager to air your current concerns to, and of course swop any tips with, well good luck with your massive re-organization and lets hope its a success, Tony Kennedy, The Lions Manager, Metgod.

  • If someone were to look on it from an outsiders point of view, they might find it strange that all the members of the main "fan site" support this decision.

    They also might find it odd that the main force behind this fan site (Mr Cooper) decided to promote a reset themselves a month or so before the "reset" was announced.

    It might even be thought that it was an attempt to gauge the reaction of such a proposal and see how many went on board with his idea.

    These are just my thoughts, but one does wonder.

  • Would that we were that powerful. If we were, then this reset wouldn't have been handled as badly as it has!

    If SI/SEGA really base their major decisions based on half a dozen guys in their boxershorts, then the game is in even more trouble than we thought! :-D

  • Mark_Burton

    Interesting thoughts, got to love a big conspiracy theory !

    I could assure you that the opinions of those on GW1 is not determined or affected by SI or Sega - but i'm not sure there would be much point.

    The reset was a logical decision - if they wanted to save the game from dying.

  • JDOwen

    I think Jordan nailed it: I really enjoy this game, and as pissed as I am about losing all my skills (which is what I care about more than having to build a new team), I'd rather start from scratch than not have the game to play at all.

    I've been playing FM10 in the meantime, and it's just not the same without other real live managers to compete against. I hope you all don't leave, because while the next four months aren't really worth playing, I look forward to seeing everyone again after the reset.

  • myronshipp

    I agree with pretty much everything Jordan said. I was surprised at the abuse I have copped for saying I support this on forums and in chat. After mentioning that as I wrote Laudrup had 22 managers online I was told that this was a UK game for UK players, only marketed in the UK so if I didn't want to play UK evening time I should F*** off and play another game. It is hard to take this sort of comment as coming from someone with the games best interests at heart. As for what to do for the next 4 months I will play games against the AI just like I did for the last 4 months.


  • Mark_Burton

    Don't take any abuse to heart Myron - i'm sure most of it is just the reaction to the news. A lot of upset people around but many of them are seeing the sense in it all as answers come through.

    Maybe if you explain to them that you actually hold 10% of the accounts still running in FML they'll try and get your support instead :D

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