Nov 25

State of the Game Worlds: A Positive Approach


Hi first who am I? Well I first started to play FML beta back in august 2007 a couple of months later I was appointed as a moderator by Sports Interactive. Since then I have stayed with the game, my wife doesn’t always appreciate it but she understands it. I have always approached the game in “The love way”. With that I mean I would rather find a positive solution to a problem than get angry over the fact something is wrong. With users I’d rather try to understand and give them a second chance than point a finger or punish.

I will not comment on anybody else’s article in this article I will put forward some positive thoughts though, since I feel that the game has always gotten a lot of negativity and not enough of the positivity I think it deserves. I also think that this is because people tend to look at the game in the wrong way.

What do I say about gameworlds dying?

Well as far as I see it if you expect to have a game world with over 200 active users then they might be dying, but I don’t think that people should count on that. They should rather count on 50 active user’s maybe, as the game looks today, that is a more realistic base. So what can those 50 users do, sit down and scream game worlds are dying?

Yes if they want to, but I think it would be more effective to try and find things inside the gameworld that attract users to come online instead. Come up with some fresh new ideas like a whole new FA concept or competitions that will make it attractive for people to come online. Having a sparkling community, help everybody and keep it to sensible banter so all people feel welcome, make sure that the lobby is not just for the most vocal few .

What is my view on Casual users and hardcore users?

When I first came across the game I read something from one of the Collier brothers, think it was Oliver. It was all about why FML was needed. They had looked at reasons why people stopped playing the FM/CM series and one of the reasons was people getting a family with children etc. and simply not having the time to play a game like FM anymore. FMLive you can log in for a short while every day and still play the game, this suited me perfectly.

To make a Gameworld work you need both casual and hardcore players in my opinion, this is why I don’t believe separate hardcore or casual gameworlds are a good idea. A casual gameworld would die instantly since nothing would ever happen in it to be honest. Using myself as an example, I am casual in that I have one or two nights every week I play FML (a deal between me and the wife, lol). So when I log in on those nights I want the community otherwise it would be no fun, football manager live is just as much a community as a manager game.

A hardcore world well I just don’t believe it would be hardcore for very long because things always happen in life that make FMLive a little less important at times and where would those users go then. Most of us playing FML have been hardcore players at some point, but different reasons make us casual users for periods of time every now and then and therefore we need a balance in a gameworld a mixture between the hardcore and casual users.

What do I suggest we should do?

Well screaming stupid game will definitely not attract any more users, we must endorse the game instead. Look at what we have and what we can do ourselves to make it be better, be creative especially if you are a Moderator or an Organiser. But these in game leaders should also encourage the community to come up with suggestions for things that could be happening inside the game worlds.

A fun game world with lots of things happening, not just matches playing or well balanced banter, would definitely increase the number of active users over time. People should simply love more and complain less, be happy, don’t worry. Everybody inside the game needs to get a hug every now and then.

So what do I babble about?

Well I think we must look for new ideas and ways rather than just complain. Complaining gives the game a bad reputation; it gives the people a bad reputation. If I was a person that was thinking of trying FML and read all the negative comments surrounding the game right now then I would surely be put off. This means fewer users and the complaints become counter productive.

We should rather endorse the game and try finding new fun things to do inside the gameworld. Talk about them on the official forums and then we might find people would want to come and join the game. This would lead to a higher number of active users, the gameworlds would all the time get in new faces and new faces means new ideas. Then this goes on and on. This is one path that I am convinced would lead to more active users inside the gameworld.

So my top tips to make FML the game it deserves to be are:

  1. Always look for the positives in the game rather then talk it down.
  2. If you don’t like how something is done, don’t complain, try to find a solution inside your own gameworld.
  3. Make sure everybody feels welcome in the chats, by that I mean that everybody deserves respect; banter is fun only if everybody understands that it is banter.
  4. Mods, encourage the users to come up with ideas for fun things happening if you are online.
  5. Mods spend more time talking and trying to understand a certain point rather than just dishing out punishment. Believe me almost all people can change if someone approaches them in the right way, and no gameworld is stronger than the weakest user.
  6. Spread the love inside the game, Love and a hug can solve what nothing else solves. If we give this game enough love then the game will give the love back to us.
Written By Torbjörn Ivarsson
Born in Falkenberg, Sweden. Tor now resides 1,000km north near the mountains where he enjoys hiking and skiiing. His original team of Charlie FC was one of the few to survive the closure of the original beta GW1 - lost in transit to the live worlds, he now manages I Love Graeme Kelly FC in Hoddle
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