Nov 22

On The Forums: An FML Badge Legend Returns


First up on the official Football Manager Live forums is the news that Craig ‘Tweej’ MacLean’s badge shop has reopened! Craig explains:

“I will be doing requests on a first come first served basis but priority will be given to people who have donated in advance. You can do this by using the link from my blog page where I will be also be posting finished badges and updating you on my progress in Uni fund.”

So if you want a good badge and a creative person to go to University, get your new badge straight away!

We also saw on the forums a lot of the regular threads complaining about the game, and concern for dead gameworlds. However, one in particular caught my eye. It was by Nick “The Prof” Shankley from Keane. He states how he feels a gameworld merge is the best solution, along with the suggestion that new managers get a boost for skills, cash and stadium, to give them a fighting chance.

This thread also wins the prize for troll of the week, with first-time poster Josh Stone commenting:

“im leaving cause theres nothing to do there is zero content imagine wow with no dungeons”

This has to be the most invalid claim I have ever seen. This opinion is so unfounded that it cannot be anything except a troll. I feel it is best to leave the quote unformatted to show just how much thought was put into this sentence. If FMLive had no content, I’m pretty sure there would be no football played? This is clearly not the case.

Browsing the sub-forums I found this little gem: “compare the meerkat/market”style advert for GW Laudrup. Of all the adverts I have seen for a gameworld, this is up there as one of the funniest. If I were looking for a new game world I probably would join just to give Matt Pritchard, the poster a hug.

A thought of mine that never really made it into the forums, mostly due to laziness, was that negative feedback should be removed. Well, now somebody has read my mind and posted a thread discussing this! Why can’t life always be this easy?!

My favourite quote actually has to be from Chris Holman (Kriss), with that sly old wit of his (that might be sarcasm):

“Agree, when did something positive ever come out of negative feedback?”

I think on that note, it’s probably time to leave. Don’t forget to post a comment below if you want to say something.

Written By Chris Rowlands
Hailing from Gillingham in Kent, Chris runs the Nicholson SFA Newsletter and is the manager of Norfolk In Chance in that game world.
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