Nov 14

Football Manager Live and the World of Gambling


I don’t really consider myself a gambler and apart from spending a few dollars in some casinos to kill some time while waiting for the girlfriend or to get warm in winter nights and of course the odd bet in a sport betting agency when I think I know the correct score, I really don’t believe in making money using my brilliant and unprecedented luck in the astonishing and exponentially growing hazard industry. Possibly the fact that I never win kind of has this effect on me. I consider gambling to be not more than a hobby, but I truly understand the men who managed to make a living out of it. Smart people.

However I was always amazed by the creativity and resourcefulness of casinos and the whole gambling industry. In one of the cloudy and cold autumn days when I ventured to the nearby betting agency, I’ve noticed a very interesting little gadget. Actually it wasn’t that small.. A big plasma screen, above a smaller one. In the big one I’ve seen some digital horses. Actually it’s not that easy to explain. Animated horses, participating in virtual races. The smaller one is there for odds, old results and other statistics. Probably horse betting is getting out of date with football becoming the number one entertainment for people and more and more casinos opening, so some brilliant mind came up with combining the ever-growing computerized industry with the charm of the classic memories of horse races in an era which is clouded by the colours of twilight.

I am amazed easily so I left the agency in a quite euphoric mood. Go betting industry! You’re cool What does this have to the with the niche of gameworldone though? Football Manager Live..

To put it simple, I think FML could take a share from the gambling World and use it for it’s own reasons. If people are willing to bet on computer animated horses, why couldn’t they bet on their favourite team in an FM Live gameworld? Football Manager Live has been a decent success for Sports Interactive, but the lack of actual FML talk outside the SI boards kind of makes you wonder whether a new and original idea needs to be adopted in order to get more users for this interesting and unique game. Sport betting is very popular these days and nothing shows this better than the amount of company names on the shirt of football teams. If Bwin, has money to put their logo on the shirt of two of the biggest football clubs, then surely their business is quite profitable. Their betting system work. Why not combine the better craze with the niche of FML? Surely worth a shot?

Football Manager Live is basically the online version of Football Manager with some enhancements and some added interesting features. Creating your own club was the dream of many FM players, therefor FML was a blessing for them. The keyword is online though. Sport betting grew in the popularity ratings, due to the internet. Every respectable sportsbook has a website with the possibility of betting online. Many prefer this to actually going to a real agency, as it’s easier and they can do it at home, from their own personal computers. Plus of course there is the factor of spending “virtual money” instead of bills you can actually hold in your hand. People are finding it hard to give the same importance to money they can actually hold in their hands and a number on a website, representing their founds.

Playing an online management game and betting online surely have lots of things in common. The only thing you require for both is a computer, an internet connection and a credit card, preferably with home banking activated. Possibly SI could implement a betting possibility, organize some tournaments and allow people to spend some money and of course chaise their dreams of actually winning some money while playing the game they love. A plasma in a betting agency, with the ongoing FML matches, odds created taking in consideration the quality of the squads and the knowledge of the managers playing. A money making possibility for the creators of FM and FML and a nice way for people to play and win! How cool would that be?

Written By Zoltan Simon
"Zoli" is one of the most prominent, active members of the Football Manager community and can be seen regularly posting on forums across the scene.
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  • The idea itself does make sense in terms of business sort of way and maybe raise the exposure of the game. But would it raise actual amount of players or make money for fml or just the bookmakers? The nature of the horse racing that you watched is that their is no human involvement in the game. But their is in fml where people of different ages some under 18 are playing for fun add gambling into this even for those over 18 you add a hell of a lot of pressure put on to win and even the possible corruption that could be laid into it.

  • Match fixing? No, thanks.

  • Mark_Burton

    Agree - and that was my first thought on reading the article.

    There are a lot of rules and scrutiny on anyone involved in a "Sport" that can be bet on, i doubt the FML managers would be ready for that.

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