Nov 12

Improve Your Tactical Knowledge, Your Game World, Your Bank Account


With Football Manager 10 now in the shops, the community forums are buzzing again with people asking for downloadable tactics, accusing the AI of cheating, and generally causing mayhem. Ah. November. There’s nothing quite like it.

It does raise an interesting question though. Given that we’ve had the tactics creator in Football Manager Live for about six months now, couldn’t we be giving some advice to these new Football Manager players?

Think about it. It’s the same system in 1.3 as it is in FM10. So, in theory, the same types of tactics should work on each. We, as FML players can go and help the FM10 guys get to grips with the new interface.

Providing assistance goes both ways

If you look around the traditional Football Manager scene (which due to its age and customer base is much bigger than our little niche), there are plenty of brilliant discussions going on right now about tactical theory and tactical downloads. Sites such as Los Wonderkids, The Dugout, Sortitoutsi, FM-Britain and, of course, the official SI Games forums have a wealth of knowledge on them. As these users get acquainted with the new interface, so they will create more tactics and more ideas. Over time, the tactical guides and information they develop will become an un-ignorable fountain of knowledge for all Football Manager players, Live or otherwise.

In the mean time, however, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to use the new system. And this is where you can flex your superior knowledge. Explain what’s good about it. Explain what’s bad about it. Share your experiences. The tips you can pass on may be small – they may only be stories about how you managed to win a particular game with a certain formation – but they’re better than nothing. And right now, nothing is all that the FM crowd has to work with.

Membership goes both ways

By joining these other community sites and passing on your information, you become part of a much better established and deeper Football Manager “scene” as they like to call it. Many of you may well have been part of this scene before you moved to Football Manager Live – many of you (like myself) may already straddle both parts of the Football Manager Universe. But in doing so, you’re making not only yourself known, but you’re making the game known.

One of the big criticisms that some have of SEGA and FML in general is that they don’t advertise enough. Well, this is a simple way that you can do it for them!

By being part of the wider FM community and passing on tactics advice in their forums, you can help spread knowledge of FML. On the simple level, people will ask you “what’s FML”. You can tell them exactly what you think of it, encourage them to sign up, and answer questions. For sites such as Los Wonderkids that have a Football Manager Live section, you can even post in there and generate discussion. It doesn’t take much. But if a dozen of you go over there and bring back one new subscriber, then think of what the entire Football Manager Live user base could do!

Recommend a friend is your friend

One of the things that seems to have passed people by is the recommend a friend scheme that SEGA introduced earlier this year. By getting your mates to sign up, you can get a discounted subscription rate. So, getting around the community is something that could become a reward in itself.

It is certainly a mutually beneficial experience, visiting other Football Manager scene sites. The amount of information available is quite staggering, and while at the moment lists of wonderkids and transfer tips aren’t relevant to gameworlds in their 14th season, the commonality of the tactics creator and the match engine means that there really is no excuse for not contributing to the discussions – and perhaps getting a lot more back for yourself.

So, get around a bit! Help out those poor, less fortunate Football Manager 10 players. Recommend them to the game. Send them to the free trial offer. And, most importantly, get yourself tactical information that you just can’t get from the niche FML forums.

We all want to be good at tactics. We all want more people in our gameworlds. And we all want more money in our bank accounts. If you were told there was a way to do all that in such a simple way, wouldn’t you do it?

Written By Gareth Millward
"Millie" is a long-standing member of the FM community and a co-founder of Gameworld One.Com. As part of FM-Britain, he was a contributor to TT&F and involved with the new tactical interface in FM2010.
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    In fairness this artcile is all about trying to get the fml users to do the advertising for you free of charge...

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