Nov 11

Get Sacked! FM Live Restart Challenge #2


Are you considering starting in an established game world but think it’s too difficult?

On the official forums, everyone has been beating this myth to death, but I think it’s probably easier! Well, it’s hard for me to make this claim if I’m not willing to put my money where my mouth is. So I am!

In this episode, I log in to GW Fowler after going two weeks without doing so. Although I set up a decent initial squad, match plans and fitness competitions, let’s see if my lack of activity has been detrimental to my team!

I’ll continue documenting my progress over the coming weeks and months. You can join in with the challenge as well! All you need to do is wait for your game world’s off-season and click “start again”. Let us all know how you’re doing by posting in the comments section below!

Written By Jordan Cooper
A moderator on GW Fowler and a co-founder of Gameworld One.Com, he has hosted/produced the Get Sacked! podcast for nearly two years providing humor and strategical insight to all about the FM series.
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  • butraguenogw

    I've restarted 2 weeks ago in Coppell and i'm doing pretty good. My team there is Schoolyard Bully Beaters, ranked 191st from 305 active teams. My current wage bill is 42.726 and i have a 2.5 stars reputation already. The required capacity of my stadium is 14k. That means that it will not take me much to jump to 3 stars. My objective is to achieve a 3 star team with a wage bill under 60k.

    My financial status is great: currently 1.072.191, 28 days projected 3.706.784. Stadium income: 88.363 (invested in a 2 tier aziendale stand and some pieghevole seats in the remaining 1 tier basic stands), general income: 55.314. Also, i invested about 380k in buying new players, releasing a part of the initial squad.

    Ranked 5th in Casual FA Division 1 (13W, 6D, 6L), goal difference 26 :O.

    So, all it's good until now! :)

  • I think we both have similar objectives - my goal after three months is to be a 3 star team with a 60k-75k wage bill and achieve mid-table in the CFA Premiership. I don't believe I'll have a problem with the first portion, but it may be hard for me to get promoted in such a big two-tier FA. I'll try though!

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