Nov 08

On The Forums: A New Perspective


This week has been busier than most on the forums with the birthday of Football Manager Live, the release of the 1.3.2 update and the lead up to the first FML Council meeting.

The general consensus being that the Match Engine update (1.3.2) was largely successful in fixing the Goalkeepers’ mistakes. However, the jury is still out on the progression issues. Robson Brown explains that while there won’t be any specific boosts to correct the decline, players are going to progress faster in crossing and similar skills from 1.3.2.

Also, there was apparently a problem with the Greek, Zambian, and later even Russian players/managers, due to the new design of flags. In case anyone is wondering, the two new countries are Zanzibar and Northern Marianas Islands. I look forward to seeing the quality of their regens!

Football Manager Live’s first birthday came up this week, and a birthday present for all managers who logged on that day was a free copy of Rome: Total Ware! It was hotly discussed (starting with SpooneyDM) and a lot of people were bemused that they were being given a four-year-old game that has nothing to do with FML. The negativity became so overwhelming that Marc Duffy stepped in:

“I’m not sure why there are so many negative comments about being given a free game. It’s not us telling you to play some other game it’s us giving you something for nothing. If you already have a copy then you can give it to a family member for Christmas.”

I must admit, I like the sound of a free Christmas present and I find the complaints a little conceited as Football Manager Live is the one having a birthday, you don’t expect other people to give you a present on their birthday!

Another element of the birthday celebrations was the cross GW Quiz and Richard Tebbutt very kindly posted all the questions and answers in the community forum. I must admit, even if I had been present, I would not have got many of them correct without that magical thing, Google. My personal favourite:

Q: Men Without Hats had their only hit with which song?
A: The Safety Dance.

I watch Scrubs so much that my reply to this question would have been instant!

An older thread that I feel should be mentioned; purely because it is the funniest thing I have ever seen on the Football Manager Live forums: Cat Vegas and his 205,000 capacity stadium! He filled it with terraces and then posted a screenshot with supporter feedback that I think everyone wishes were true. Hats off to Cat, it made me laugh out loud!

The big news for the week or at least the big expectation for the week was the FML Council. Due to all who attended having to sign non-disclosure agreements there was little information leaking about the day, apparently the sandwiches were good though.
In the latter stages of the thread, Gareth Millward went on to suggest:

“I think that the refreshing honesty from most of they group was good and I think it will definitely give SEGA things to think about.”

But it looks like we’ll have to wait for a more official announcement to discover the real meat of the discussions.

Thank you everybody for reading, I hope to keep up Rik Stewart’s very high standard with this weekly feature, so tune in next week! All feedback is appreciated, and you can give that by posting a comment below!

Written By Chris Rowlands
Hailing from Gillingham in Kent, Chris runs the Nicholson SFA Newsletter and is the manager of Norfolk In Chance in that game world.
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