Oct 28

Let The Battle Commence: My Restart Challenge Story


It all started off with following Jordan Cooper on Twitter. He said he was restarting in Football Manager Live to walk the walk following his post about how easy it is to start in an old gameworld.

I considered the potential of a “Restart Football Association”, which would be much the same as transferring game worlds, so could be called the “Pro FA”. I was thinking about how if loads of people restarted and then were put into the same FA as new starters to the GW, then it would prove a fairly positive welcome party. Maybe a new Pro FA created each off-season for people to join and then there was a more developed FA for people to ascend to when reaching 3 star reputation. I don’t know. Anyway, I digress.

Tom Delgado then said that he was the restart king. I knew this already. I asked Tom if he would like a Restart FA and whether an inclusion of one would encourage others to restart.

Jordan and Tom then played some tweet-tennis in which time I made the decision to restart my team with two days before FA lockdown. Yes, the team I’ve built up for six seasons. The perfect stadium for my needs, great finances, a 3.5 star rep team with a number of 4.5 star players and 4 star players, no-one over 31, ranked in the top 100, runner up in the Cup Winners Cup and finishing 2nd in the Championship which meant that I had got into the Premiership. Easy times and a possible season doing OK in the Prem… why was I doing this again?

So I was clear on what I needed to do. I logged straight into Football Manager Live and hit the “start again” option on the drop down. It didn’t feel right having never restarted before but here it goes… I get presented with a pop up “It is seriously uncool to restart – are you sure?”. Yes. Another pop up “Are you really sure”. Yes. Oh god.

After a brief moment of panic when Jordan hinted that it was all a joke and it was just me restarting (I felt a bit sick) #RestartOctober was born.

Because I lack the patience to go through all the players available in the database and because I like the reward of continually building a team, I did an auto-select. I decided on limiting wages to £75k, higher than the normal amount suggested by the Football Manager Live gurus, but enough to get a few decent players and some high rep but old monsters.

I went for one GK, one DL, one DR, four DC, one ML, one MR, four MC, and three SCs. The theory being that I will eventually replace everyone, but the central players are more likely to have the ability to play in other positions until they retire or get sold on. So this gave me 16 players, £73k wages, average age 31.

Already I felt on the backfoot. Tom was laughing at me in Hoddle and Jordan hinted that my wages were far too high.

I ignored them.

I quit the Evening FA and then rejoined. Cleansed of last seasons successes; a new team.

So my goal now was to get ranked before midnight. This meant playing a run of back to back games. No worries. Everyone strangely loves playing a one star team. I find that the album “In This Light And On This Evening” by the Editors strangely apt.

I set the tactics to how I like everything, not worrying too much about individual player instructions or basic captaincy. All that will be sorted out pre-FA lockdown. For now I just need to play the matches and hope that the players + tactics + shouts is enough to get me ranked.

While a match is playing I quickly start construction of a two tier stand and populate the ad boards with electronics. Start as you mean to go on. I’m not here to restart again. My philosophy this time will be not to go over my overdraft in the eight weeks of installments so I try to keep in the black.

A guy I know, Rich, has a 24 year old attacking midfielder that can’t get a place on their side and I negotiate a 21 day loan at 0%. Woohoo!

I manage a couple of wins (one against Delgado), a couple of draws and a few losses.

Midnight comes. I’m a rankaholic at the best of times… how long does it take to work out the f… 211th in the rankings!! So chuffed. I finish with a bank balance of £5,984 with daily profit at £11,015. Not too bad. Overdraft has shot up to £125k. I’m rolling.

Then Delgado claims that he was won the race. He had only finished inside the top 100 grrr. Jordan explains to Tom that one night is not enough and we are playing to three star reputation.

Let the battle commence.

Written By Rik Stewart
A long-standing beta tester for FM Live, Rik is a moderator on GW Hoddle and responsible for their game world blog at hoddlelegends.blogspot.com.
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  • Tom Delgado #WarOnWilpons

    I will have to see what rep I'm at now, but I feel I'm the best off as far as all the restarters.

    Yep. Also at 3 stars. 98th in the rankings now.

  • Tom

    Great read, would be very interested to see who reaches 3* rep first and how long it takes. Keep us updated! :)

  • Rik

    I'm already at three star rep, Tom :) Eight days in.

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