Oct 25

On The Forums: If You Can Have One Feature


It’s been an interesting experience on the official forums this week. The honeymoon period of v1.3 launch and a little bit of silence was broken by a small angry mob of subscribers saying that the new match engine (ME) in Football Manager Live had problems and that they wish it was more like Football Manager 2010 instead, as this is more realistic, although there was some humble pie eaten upon the revelation that the demo version of FM2010 has exactly the same match engine as FML v1.3.

On the positive, I thought that I’d concentrate this week on the thread “If you could have one feature…” started by Robson Brown (Rb). I have tried to keep it to new features and not how to make existing features better.

Youth Academies

20 agree: Rb, Jacko_Utd, MyNameIsJohn, MarcG, PMLF, JustGotHere, randomj, Cat Vegas, DUFC21, gnomon, trainspotter, Blue Nose Bear, Wildride, lukekarts, Eldonko, StewartDowning1, Oncho Shaldzhiyan, Cliffarsenal, EBOUE, Wise_Sif

It’s maybe an abvious one. It’s maybe one that we all know is coming very soon. This is why anticipation is high. Either way I’ve not seen much of a resistance to youth academies but, hopefully, the idea will be fleshed out over the coming month.

International Teams & FA Select

4 agree: ptr, lukekarts, Eldonko, StewartDowning1

This is something that has been brought up time and time again. Having an international infrastructure so that the better managers could have another area of the game to explore. The other variation is FA Select where one person from each football association gets to choose the best players from across the FA and is put in a competition of FA vs FA. Either way the point of debate is how people get these roles should the features come into the game.


2 agree: Wildride, Gattacca


Pop-out Match Window and Browsing Tabs

2 agree: Matty Kyle, Tezmond

Having more windows and tabs would transform the game well. We have bookmarks, but we’re currently using one single tab and a chat window (if multi-screened). It makes sense to follow the likes of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and include the tabs to simplify and enhance the browsing experience.

Create Your Own Player

2 agree: StewartDowning1, eggyrocks

Something I like the sound of but I’m not sure whether this will enhance a game world fill one full of comedic characters.

The rest:

Goodyscot: Say a prize of some tangible value; an extra years auto extend for a player, or taking a year off a players age, or a stat increase, or magical pink goal nets.
Hopefully, this sort of thing ties into the new token system in terms of rewards for activity and winning matches.

fredondo: Superspeed games.
I’m not sure I understand the need for matches to be any faster. Sure, there are some that don’t talk in match but I don’t think I’d
like the “sprfst pls” requests.

DUFC21: The ability to see a full financial projection beyond 28 days.
Seeing into your financial future really helps to plan your game.

JordanC: Club affiliations.
I agree that these are missing and introducing ways to collaborate will greatly improve the community.

Blue Nose Bear: Inclusion of a youth sequence.
Youth sequence isn’t really up my street but I understand the reasons.

lukekarts: Cross game world chat.
I still remember the stress tests when the text was scrolling out of anyone’s reasonable control. I’m not sure how this would work, however it would be great to catch up with people from past game worlds.

Eldonko: 3D matches.
As long as this is optional, I’m up for this. I think it would tempt more to watch the matches rather than playing them as fast as possible.

Tezmond: Reserve system support.
The over 21s and not-quite-senior system is an area of the game that you don’t really know how to approach. Reserve comps are currently on trust and sportsmanship. This would add a lot to the game if this was coded in.

No! I am Spartacus: Player expectations at contract signing time, and Club expectations at the beginning of seasons.
Expectations are sadly missed. The fact that there is only one expectation, which is to get promoted to eventually gain a place in
UFFA, means that anyone else will always fail. By introducing targets to meet, whether reputation, finance, wages or league position, it will mean much more to everyone.

Lawlore: Deeper contract negotiation flexibility between clubs.
Anything that increases transfers in between wage auctions has to be a good idea!

spiggle: Inclusion of referee statstics.
I like the idea but I’m not sure whether it would really make me play any different.

What do you think? If you can have one feature added to Football Manager Live right now, what would it be?

Written By Rik Stewart
A long-standing beta tester for FM Live, Rik is a moderator on GW Hoddle and responsible for their game world blog at hoddlelegends.blogspot.com.
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  • Waiting for:
    Tactical Training option - train Tactical moves in ME.
    Trivia Room - when you're bored, answer some questions and get tokens.
    FA boards - more and better structured info about FA, last reviews etc.
    Official Inter-FA comps - to finally show who is the best, during pre-season.

    And many, many more :D

  • bora182

    i would like to see a squad rotation feature added to the match plans to help get rid of green boots and give players more equal game time

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