Oct 11

On The Forums: v1.FREE


Another week another same old week on the official forums… well, I guess except for the small event that was Football Manager Live v1.3 launch (or not depending on your level of patience). I admit that I left it until around 10:30pm. It took about an hour before I was up and in the game world, but besides the downloading, it all went very smooth for me.

There is still occasional talk about FM Live being a beta test that you have to pay for. I’d disagree – I think it’s great that these updates are free. The subscription was for the version at the time with free future updates, it was never sold as a subscription for a game that hadn’t been designed yet. The arguments put forward could equally be applied to any game that is released, as there will always be scope to improve it.

So besides the 1.3 launch/not launch threads, T-bag quitting (although I notice the blog is back up), discussion about AI relegations, how to fix old gameworlds, Sports Interactive making a game for idiots, suggestions for a national system again and some anti-460 threads, here follows some of the recent ideas highlighted:

Remove All From Shortlist by Robes2

I’m sure we’ve all been here. You start with an empty shortlist. You build up a shortlist of people coming up to their contract ending. You then find yourself two seasons later with news items for players that are being put in transfer auction – most are now on massive wages and the manager wants 20xMV starting bid! You go to your shortlist and realise that you have a lot of players on it that you are no longer interested in.

A “clear all” button may suit a lot of people but with talk about a multi-select option coming maybe in within the next year or two, I guess right-clicking RSI is on the cards for the foreseeable future?

Public Rejections by EL_Dickos

One thing that has always wound me up is people that like to reject bids in public. It has been brought up before, but what is the actual point in rejecting in public? I have owned some proper quality players in the past (believe it or not) and I found that putting a high auto-reject deterred anyone from making an insulting bid in the first place.

There is a trail of thought: “why should I be forced to put an auto-reject on a player as it’s against the rules to make an unrealistic bid?”. It then comes back to what is considered realistic. I try to advise everyone to report managers to mods when they are frankly taking the piss. For all other bids that could be deemed lower than what you want, I would simply reject the bid. If you keep getting bids from the same manager or for the same player, it would then make sense to add an auto-rejection.

The feature looks to be used mainly to embarrass the bidder, and often is not the bidders fault. A badly timed public rejection for a bid from someone new are the worst kinds. For a community game, this is my second biggest hate (besides the feedback system).

Preview Finances by The Big FrootLoopski

A Phil Sinkins’ special, one of the hardest things to get across to those that are new to Football Manager Live is the fact that when you sign someone, the result is in two parts. Firstly, the one-off fee (that can be paid in installments) and the wage. Often the wage multiplied by 28 days is not considered and therefore, there is always a misunderstanding between current financial position and projected financial position. Sometimes this is very hard to adjust to because after a while you simply get used to the system.

The suggestion here is simply to have an option to show a “live” financial forecast. If you are making a private bid, wage auction, transfer action, entering a competition, making changes to stadium, auto-rebids or anything involving a scenario that involves a change to your forecast – this pop up will show a scenario of what will happen if you confirm.

Firstly, this will allow people to see exactly why the bank is vetoing your action. This will help people settle into FM Live quicker and be more self-sufficient in this area. Secondly, it will serve as a system to get the most out of your cash without going into administration. Lastly, it will act as a more informative “confirm” pop-up to reduce mistakes.

Match Plan Gantt Charts by The Big FrootLoopski

We’re not worthy, Phil! So we have all started using, or at least had a look, at the new Match Plan system. There are thousands of possibilities for each variety of scoreline. Some may be overwhelmed with what you can do and will likely go for a pre-set – then tweak this default over time.

A Gantt chart is normally associated with a project plan. In the simplest description, each row is a task within a project; each row has a timebar which has a start date and end date. In the suggestion, the difference is that each instruction making up a match plan is draggable into the Gantt which represents the time period of a match. There would be a Gantt for each scoreline and it would be easy to see everything in one screen.

In a different thread, Phil added a further suggestion that you could possibly combine the match timeline with the chart, so that you can see changes coming or when watching a played match you can follow the Match Plan progress to see which parts are effective/not.

Chat Ideas & Cross-Game World Chat by VoodooChild & lukekarts

Some really good ideas have been discussed in the above thread including:

  • Announcements of transfer deals over £2m
  • UEFA and Super FA competition winners

It’s possible that transfer talk would be useful in stimulating the lobby rather than the discussion mailing list. (maybe only when the lobby is quiet!) This could also be applied for big transfers within an FA inside the FA’s individual chatroom.

I definitely agree on making it more about the finals as currently they are lost amongst the various Super FA comps. I’d really like to limit green match results to quarter finals and above for cups; leagues limited to just the winner; and any games that aren’t auto-resolved. Basically, establishing the difference between content to create chat and content that interrupts chat.

How about adding the ability to chat between FML game worlds? Marc Duffy confirms:

“Possible and discussed internally very recently! We need to get through our next two major updates and then look at this kind of stuff.”

After witnessing many stress-tests during the beta stages of Football Manager Live, I’m not sure if this all-encompassing chat room will actually be readable but it could create some great banter.

Until next week, share your thoughts on these ideas by posting comments below!

Written By Rik Stewart
A long-standing beta tester for FM Live, Rik is a moderator on GW Hoddle and responsible for their game world blog at hoddlelegends.blogspot.com.
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