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Overview of FML v1.3 Features and Extras


With the new release date confirmed only a few hours remain until the much awaited release of the 1.3 Update for football manager live on Wednesday the 7th of October

Over the last two months gameworldone.com has highlighted the major features being introduced in this update, looking at how they work and how they might affect your club. A quick revision of all the stuff already covered, with links to the original articles for those that want a more detailed refresher. Then we’ll move on to look at some of the ‘lesser’ items on the change list that don’t always get as much attention as maybe they should.

Three articles that highlight many of the more important changes in the coming match engine, part 1 covers the differences between the current FML engine and that used by FM’09; part 2 covers the rest of the journey from the ’09 version to the FM10 engine that will be locked into the 1.3 release. The match engine has continued to develop since the last of these, and in Match Engine FM2010 we took a final look at some of the latest changes.

A look at one of the more revolutionary changes introduced into FML, match plans bring about the removal of the AI manager, and with that a shift of focus in how matches against offline opponents will pan out.

It took a while, but we finally cleared up the confusion around how the coming changes to stadium atmosphere will (or won’t) affect you as well as a look at some of the ideas that are being considered for the future by the development team.

A look at what will possibly be one of the most important introductions to the longevity of FML, although in it’s early stages this addition will definitely be one to watch develop further over the coming months.

Dragged into the virtual studio alongside Millie and Jordan, we discussed the furore on the forums surrounding the upcoming changes to the wage demand structure, and the follow up article that clarifies some of the misunderstanding in how these changes will be implemented.

What else is coming?

Alongside the major features in every update there are always a host of smaller changes and tweaks that can be just as important to the future of how you play the game.

Highlighting this page of the online manual as it outlines some of the extra changes to FA competitions, squad folders, DND and Away modes, graphics changes and the new system for regen additions.

It should also be noted the manual has various pages on all the major features too – and after the release of 1.3 much of this information will be further integrated into the “Thematic” and “Quick Start” sections of the manual.

FA Rankings will no longer decline during the offseason, this will help stabilise the reputation of clubs and more importantly will help maintain your income.

A change to activity rating for new teams will see them start at 5 (and decline based on their activity), along with a bug fix that saw some new users begin with a low activity rating. These should make life easier for the first days of a new manager by dramatically reducing the injuries acquired.

DND and Away have had some very important changes to get this back to what it was originally intended for – Time spent in either of these modes may no longer count in terms of acquiring rights for offline matches. DND now has multiple modes, and a new tooltip will advise what areas the person does not wish to be disturbed by.

The Tactics Creator has had an overhaul that sees some additional player roles, some changes to the terminology used, and a lot more touchline instructions added and these are now grouped under headings to make them easier to find/understand. The “tempo indicator” has also been removed from the tactics page.

Morale is one of the more annoying aspects of player management, and this area has had some good changes (and bug fixes). It won’t stop all the players whining, but should go some way toward making this area of the game more tolerable and understandable.

Improvements to the player regeneration code that helps to balance the total numbers of players in a world and some adjustment that should result in a better spread of nationalities chosen for regens.

The progression screen is now only visible to the owner of a player, and further to that you will only see the actual progression which has occurred at your club.

The User Interface has had a big overhaul, with some major changes to the overall look of the Vibrante skin as well as a number of nice additions to the pending items part of the home page. The Matches panel has also had a work over now grouping together matches in the same competition and promoting FA matches above other competitions, making it easier to find the more important matches you have pending.

There are a lot more minor changes included in the change list, if any of them grab your attention and you want more detail then comment below and I’ll see what I can find out to expand on them. For now the number one thing I recommend after 1.3 is rolled out is to log in and create a match plan. The full removal of the AI manager will be effective from the time 1.3 is rolled out – and if you’re accustomed to leaving matches to the Ai then this will have a major impact on your team.

Updating Issues

A lot of work has gone into resolving the majority of the issues experienced during the last update, but if you do have issues when it comes to upgrading then don’t panic. The first step is always to raise a ticket via the Sega Support site, from there head to the SI Forums and check for any “official” threads that may highlight a known issue.

If there’s nothing major listed then a full re-install is probably the best option, if that still doesn’t work then joining an existing thread and posting details like your game world, team name and importantly your ticket number. Patience will be a key factor, but someone will assist to get your issue resolved as soon as possible.

What’s next for Football Manager Live – 1.4


Progress is already under way on the 1.4 update, with a concerted effort being made to get this into the game before Christmas and once 1.3 is finally rolled out we’ll begin to look at some of the coming developments in the following update. Some important developments beginning to take shape include the beginnings of Youth Academies and a major overhaul of the Club Reputation system.

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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  • TomHales

    "The “tempo indicator” has also been removed from the tactics page." - I never understood the need for this and, wondering what it was for the first time aside, I've never looked at it :D

    It's always nice to hear news about the next update as soon as one has just been rolled out and I look forward to hearing more about 1.4, although I have knowledge of some of the new additions. It just makes me wish I had time to play in the beta GWs still!!

  • Tom, I agree with you on the tempo indicator - didn't understand it's usefulness.

    From what's shaping up in the beta worlds and forums, I actually think 1.4 will end up being the most important and positively game-changing update in FML's short history!

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