Oct 07

Episode 34 – FML v1.3 Rapid Fire Overview


Set off the fireworks and buy a pint for your mate – the eagerly anticipated 1.3 update has finally arrived! Are you excited about CPU Clubs or Match Plans? Maybe it’s the brand spanking new FM2010 match engine? We’ll also discus some of the more overlooked new additions to the game. The changelist for this update is pretty long and comprehensive, but we’ll give you the run-down in a rapid fire format.

Joining us on this week’s show:
Philip Sinkins, Longstanding Beta Tester & St. John GW Moderator

Blogs & Websites Mentioned On This Episode:
FrootLoops FC blog http://footloopsfc.tumblr.com
Football Manager Live Online Manual
Gareth Millward’s article Four-Six and Zero?
as well as Combating the 4-6-0 – Lessons From History

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Written By Jordan Cooper
A moderator on GW Fowler and a co-founder of Gameworld One.Com, he has hosted/produced the Get Sacked! podcast for nearly two years providing humor and strategical insight to all about the FM series.
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  • Erm, part way thru podcast, 12 minutes in and have to massively disagree with Phil. People dont hide wonderkids !!! they play them like mad at first team level as soon as possible. High rep means high AF not Wage demand, yes wage demand hasnt raised for anyone !!!!! I have a 4.5 star 32 y/o that has never been on more than 17k. thats whats broken, not cos the plyaers were hidden away !!!! :D sorry but a 19 y/o striker that is a genuine wonderkid will be playing in a first team for those high senior averages which make the players AF shoot thru the roof........ it may have been the longest reply ever, but im afraid its just plain wrong :D

    btw i do like the podcast :D

  • thebigfrootloopski

    Hi David :)

    I agree that my opinion on the matter may not be 100% agreed upon, but our own Mark Burton covers the topic much better than i can.

    check out his article here:



    "probably the most interesting area is the correlation between attributes and reputation. Both of these have an impact on the wages your players expect, and as they improve so too will the players expected wage. This is an area that you can impact on especially for the younger players, as it now becomes valuable to keep them out of senior competitions where their reputation will jump faster, as will their demand for more money."

    Thank you for listening to the Podcast, remember and leave a question for Ov :)

  • i will do :) im just trying to think of an orginal one, still dont quite agree though, obviously i disagree with mark then too. I think that it is true to an extent but the slight extra cost of wages pails in comparison to the value AF adds to Live transfer fee. I do feel that the wage increases will be good for the database as these demands on normal high rep players not increasing has lead to a lot of stagnation in the current rep as its possible(ive done it for 4 seasons at least) to manage your rep with 4 and 4.5 star players on between5-15k which is plainly ridiculous :)

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