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On The Forums: A Little Privacy, Please!


Since last time, the main change on the official forums is that the General Questions section is now the FML Subscriber Discussion forum and therefore hidden from public view.What this means is that, hopefully, the negativity from the regular forum users will not saturate the it with opinions that may not be representative of all the people playing Football Manager Live. It means that we may end up with some more interesting debates and interactions with Sega and Sports Interactive and will make the experience more personal.

Will this spell an end to Si Evans saying “wrong forum”?! Will we miss the GW advertising?

It also means that anyone new to FM Live will read the threads that are accessible and then hopefully use the free trial to make up their own mind; I honestly think it’s a positive moment in the forums.
So, with no apologies, here are what I deem to be the best threads since the last review. Enjoy and remember to comment at the bottom of this page or go to the original threads to add your opinion.

Suspension Warning [forum thread posted by R1cardo]

It’s a familiar situation. You’ve got two matches left in the league… you play the easy one first (or is it just me that thinks like this?) and then one of your players gets a yellow card. “Bah” you think as you fight to the end. You then have two news items in your inbox. Balls. That yellow card now means a suspension. The hard match is now even harder. Currently the only way to know if your player is about to be suspended is if you go through each player prior to submitting your squad or keeping a track of suspensions using excel. Neither are really ideal.

A feature has been suggested to show clearly when players are one card away from suspension. Whether this is a grayed out red card to signify a suspension is looming or some sort of warning pre-match on confirmation of squad selection – something to feed this information back to you is needed.

Will FM2010 take away FML customers? [forum thread posted by MizzaMagic]

Football Manager 2010 is coming as is Football Manager Live v1.3. The standalone PC game will no doubt be a massive success. The screenshots of FM2010 look great and for those that want to take a known team with known players and make them their own – I can see FM Live managers investing in FM2010. However, the difference between FM and FML for me is huge as I’ve written in a previous article.

The people that really don’t like Football Manager Live will either cancel quickly or will not log in again letting their subscription expire (the beauty of choice). The people that love the game may or may not buy FM2010, but they also might buy the latest FIFA or Pro, or maybe another MMO to play in parallel. For me, one game is enough! In the past I’ve witnessed a dip in lobby activity when a major game is released. I don’t think it’s a worry as when there is a moment the guys come online to talk about the new games.

The problem area is those that want to like FM Live, will play until the last minute of their subscription expires, but are threatening to leave if Sports Interactive/Sega don’t do A, B or indeed C. It’s been said before that we’ve all subscribed to FML and we primarily pay for the version running at the time of purchase plus future updates & enhancements. I think it’s fair to say that most are looking forward to v1.3, but the issue is whether the features this update will be enough to warrant renewing subscriptions. This is especially true when users can get their fix with the shiny new Football Manager 2010.

After being without FML last August for a month and only being able to play FM – I can vouch that I enjoyed FM but playing Football Manager 2009 with MSN running in the background was not and will never give you anything close to your experience in Football Manager Live.

Super Game World [forum thread posted by Entslo]

This is something I was thinking about a while back. The idea was a kind of limited access Pro Game World with only the top X managers from each existing GW being invited to play… but it would have a hard reset each season though.

Although it appears at first that this will just mean that a game world will be doomed as they won’t come back, the idea is that if you don’t stay in the top X of this “Super GW” then you will be dropped out of it entirely. Firstly, it gives an extra incentive to do well in an existing world and will give those that are successful an opportunity to keep busy.

Secondly, and maybe more importantly, it distracts the managers that take part in the game world as they will not be able to dedicate the same amount of time. Yes, activity may drop a bit but the transfer market shouldn’t take such a hit. It will mean that those that were outside the top 50 and struggling to break through would have an advantage and start to do a bit better. In theory, this would rotate around the top teams in a game world and give more managers the chance of being selected. It may also see some of the lower ranked managers have opportunities to win more trophies which is not a bad thing.

Best of the rest:

More loan clauses posted by crkian -  Anything to encourage more loaning without risk is a good thing.

Renaming and busting the myths of AI posted by Bertie BG – Will we see an end to complaints about “AI” in Football Manager Live? I personally doubt it… but fingers crossed that the change in terminology helps.

Pitch size / pitch window posted by Matty Kyle – Multi-window environment is under-utilised. One good suggestion is a pitch-side window that can be customised with what you want to see, much like FM09.

Elite skills & diversification posted by Lordignolo – Being a jack of all trades and a master of none is something that is being discussed in this thread. Some interesting points and a worthwhile read.

Real-life football updates posted by Tommo A – How about news & scores in the under-utilised TV Lounge?

and finally…

Frootloop suggestions compilation posted by The Big FrootLoopski – Including the subjects: Pay To Learn Skills, Improved Transfer/Competition Wizard, Improved Daily/Seasonal Financial Mails, New and Improved Weekly Coaching Report, Display of Achievement from learnt Skills, Additional Options on Competition List Screen, Additional Squad Management Options, Team Biography Tactical appraisal, Improved Quick Play Mechanic. I recommend simply having a read of this thread!

Until next time, I’ll see you on the official forums discussing FML late at night in my pajamas… thank heavens we finally have a little privacy!

Written By Rik Stewart
A long-standing beta tester for FM Live, Rik is a moderator on GW Hoddle and responsible for their game world blog at hoddlelegends.blogspot.com.
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  • TomHales

    Maybe Si Evans will no longer feel useful now that he doesn't have to tell people they're on the wrong forums :D

    Seriously though, I think anything that can expand upon the skills should be looked at as I've got at least 3* skills for everything for my team on Keane. some loan clauses/options would be nice too and maybe some loan-specific feedback for future referance. I left someone good feedback for loaning a player off me and doing a really good job in aiding his development but most people won't even look at that anyway.

  • Rik

    Nice one Tom. Loan specific feedback would be good to see at a glance whether someone is worthy of loaning to. In fact if you could place restrictions on loans based on the feedback that someone attains then I think it would be a top way of encouraging more loans and using loans better :)

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