Oct 03

Do you like the new website design?


After a month of hard work, we’re very proud to introduce you to the even newer GameWorld One website – the definitive portal to just about anything related to Football Manager Live. Don’t worry, none of the old features are gone… in fact, we’ve added a few more for you to get your hands on! Remember, our staff team is committed to giving you the best experience every time you visit our website. Our loyal viewers are the fuel that keeps us going and we’re always open to suggestions  that would make your time spent here more pleasant. Since this is a brand new design, we want your feedback!

What features have we added to the website?

  • Updated News Section: On the home page of GameWorld One, we’ve given you quick one-click access to all the breaking news and happenings around the FML and Football Manager community. We’ll be updating this at least 2-3 times a week depending on the ever-changing landscape of the game, so you definitely have to come back frequently or you might miss something! Make it easy on yourself – subscribe via RSS or get these updates via e-mail.

  • Badge Gallery: Over the course of our journey in and out of game worlds, we’ve come across many custom created team badges – a great deal of them very well designed, some of them quite amusing. Our staff has done the work, now you can browse through all of the best badge designs found in the FML universe. Be aware that we’ll be adding new ones quite often, so be on the lookout when our staff comes to your game world! If you’d like to submit your own team badge to our gallery, we definitely want to check it out – just e-mail it to us as an attachment or provide a link to the file.

  • Video Library: Just as we’ve done for the badges, we’ve scoured through all the media sharing websites and found some of the best FM Live related videos for you to enjoy. We’ve also included rarely seen footage from some of our staff’s previous projects and plan on adding more videos as we find them. In addition, be on the lookout for original video content produced by GameWorld One that will add another multimedia element in supplying you with the best coverage of Football Manager Live.

  • Polls: Every month at GameWorld One, we will be running a poll question that is pertinent to the current climate of the FML community. It’s always fun to participate in a wide-scale initiative for people’s thoughts, but it also helps in the future development of the game as well. After every poll, our staff will compile the results, write a summary of thoughts on the question at hand, deduce the underlying logic of the full data set – and will send this report directly to the Sports Interactive developer team working on Foootball Manager Live. Vote in a poll, make a difference!

  • Advertisements: Hold on… lets not start a flame war now… Our primary goal at GameWorld One is to share our passion with the community, not to earn a million pounds. Even so, the maintenance costs for keeping this site running smoothly and surely aren’t free, nor is it chump change. Hosting provider bills, custom PHP code, website themes, online widget tools, etc… it all adds up after a while. I’m assuming you’d like to see GameWorld One last forever, well, we do too! This is why we’ve incorporating affiliate advertising that is as non-intrusive as possible and targets products or services that are more likely relevant to our visitors. Feel free to ignore them if you’d like… but be aware that if you click through and spend money at any of our affiliates, we make a commission off the sale. Every little bit counts and the more people do the same, we’re able to keep the site operational for a long time. Help us help you help us!

Why did we change the design of the website?

I know many of our readers loved the old design (it was only up for one month, so it’s a liberal use of the term “old”) and got accustomed to the layout and functionality. We didn’t decide to change it on a whim just to keep you on your toes. Our decision was based primarily from feedback given by visitors such as yourself!

Some mentioned the old design was difficult to navigate at first. Some though the display was great, but said it took too long for the site to load in their browser. (we’re sorry IE users!) Since our staff is committed to writing new content daily, we’ve also found that many were having a problem finding archived articles from as recent as a week in the past.

For these reasons as well as other technical concerns, we felt that GameWorld One would be able to give visitors a better experience with a more portal-oriented design. While still maintaining high quality graphical elements, we’ve now offered you all of our content in a very straight-forward manner and have given priority to the ease of navigation. No longer will you need to click multiple times to find or get to content that suits your fancy – on our home page alone, we have provided over 100 linked options for the best of every form of content, sorted from newest to oldest.

Where does that leave us? Will there be changes in the future?

GameWorld One is very similar to Football Manager Live because we too are under our own constant development model. While you might not see any major design changes for quite a long time, we will always be tweaking elements of the website based on the feedback we are given. Our staff will also be in the constant state of finding the most innovate ways to display, communicate and share ideas and information about the game. You should fully expect to see new and interesting content in all forms of multimedia expression in the near and long-term future here at GameWorld One.

If you’re looking to contribute to this website yourself, we’d be more than happy to have you on the staff – take a gander at our volunteer job listings and see if there’s an open position that you feel you are capable of handling.

We hope you feel the new website design was for the better of everyone that visits GameWorld One, from our loyal followers to the first-time readers. The FM Live community is for the benefit of everyone, so we wish this new stage in our development opens up the door to bigger and brighter things – and we’ll be taking all of you along for the ride!

We want to hear from you!

Do you like the new website design? Give us your honest opinions, good or bad!

Written By Jordan Cooper
A moderator on GW Fowler and a co-founder of Gameworld One.Com, he has hosted/produced the Get Sacked! podcast for nearly two years providing humor and strategical insight to all about the FM series.
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