Sep 22

FML v1.3 Delayed One Week


logosportsinteractive FML v1.3 Delayed One WeekSports Interactive have announced a delay in the much anticipated update to Football Manager Live. According to the most recent developer diary blog post, game worlds should be receiving new code for version 1.3 on:

Wednesday, October 7

Several reasons for the pushed back date were due to minor problems reported by the beta testing team in regards to coaching reports, player progression and wage demands. In addition, the FML development team is eagerly waiting for the final version of the new match engine to be delivered – the FM10 developers are still polishing it up for release into both products.

It should be noted that this delay should not be a complete surprise to the community. As stated by Marc Duffy in the original announcement,  the previously planned date was indeed tentative and subject to the scrutiny of the final testing phase of the code. It’s apparent that Sports Interactive would like to see a more seamless integration of this update and eliminate any potential problems before 1.3 is released to all live game worlds. For that we are grateful, but that still means we’ve got another whole week to sit on our hands and wait for the new features.

Written By Gameworld One.Com Staff
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  • DavidDryden

    Waiting with baited breath for the update... but getting very worried,  Cantona and several other games worlds have the risk of the match engine slipping further as it will only be implemented in the off season.  the 7th is day 2 of the off season between season 12 and 13 in Cantona, so if 1.3 slips another week we have to wait a further 3 weeks on top !!!! this would take it to end of the 1st years subs, where we could lose a hell of a lot of managers with out them ever seeing the new M.E.

  • Alex Seub

    This just means one fewer week that Hoddle will be midseason while other GWs have it, so I'm fine with it.  =D

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