Sep 13

FM2010 Match Engine & Tactics Creator Video Preview


As part of the Daily Mirror, Sports Interactive Studio Director Miles Jacobson gives us a preview of new features included in this year’s Football Manager 2010 release. Every weekday leading up to release, he has been highlighting a different area of the game, interviewing key people involved with the game’s development and providing “work in progress” video clips for the community to digest and enjoy.

Improvements to the Match Experience -

  • Over 100 new animations in FM2010, alongside most of the old animations being tweaked and improved.
  • Stadiums with proper capacity, types of stands, terracing seating, roofs, etc.
  • Two new match view cameras in the game, called sideline and touchline.
  • Weather effects, Pitch types & degradation, lighting improvement

Tactics Creator & Touchline Instructions -

  • New options: “wide play” and “roam from position” for outfield players.
  • Touchline shouts enable a manager to make very quick changes tactically while a match is playing.
  • 22 instructions in total, and all of these automatically change the way your players will play.
  • Faster to use, easier to understand, more football based and more powerful than ever before.

On the new features blog (Day 6), there is also an interview with Paul Collyer, co-founder of Sports Interactive. He takes us “under the hood” of the FM2010 match engine and gives more insight into the development of this year’s release:

The match engine will never be “finished”. It constantly evolves. The changes that are made in the match engine are tested not just internally, but also externally with our test “Dream Team”, and it also gets put into the beta versions of Football Manager Live for a couple of thousand more people to test.

For more detailed information and additional videos of these features, you can check out all of Miles’ blogs on the Daily Mirror website at

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  • Gareth Millward

    SI always release a demo, usually a week or so before the release date.

  • Guest

    Looks good, but are you releasing a demo for 2010 ???? :-P

  • amg from nicholson

    3d for FML in 2009 please  :-D

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