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On The Forums – 5 More FML Suggestions


forums On The Forums   5 More FML SuggestionsWe’re always looking to cover the most relevant topics on the minds of FML managers and in that spirit, now we’d like to highlight your thoughts about the game. Every week, we’ll be scouring the official forums for the best threads, brightest comments, heated debates and even the most laughable rants!

In this edition: more of your suggested ideas, tweaks and improvements for Football Manager Live.

It’s been much harder to find suggestions this week as I think that everyone’s fingers have been busy writing about 1.3! I did attempt to review the locked topics as per a Mark Burton comment on last week’s article but topics are getting locked far too quickly nowadays…

Gone are the times when you could entertain yourself reading the latest naming, shaming, accusations that moderators are not doing anything about cheating, and accusations that from others that moderators are being too harsh and they should be able to sell their top quality players to their “best mate” for £1 if they want. It appears as though the “rage threads” are now fairly infrequent and the original poster will be quickly redirected to Support or to a thread that is on the same subject.

This week in the general discussion forums, we’ve seen talk on how coaching skills are/not effective, a couple of “minor” threads on how 1.3 affects wage demands, and some small news about a provisional 1.3 launch date.

Elsewhere we’ve seen Cantona opening in time for Season 12 while Martin White is bigged up in dramatic style and Si Evans is requested not to have an opinion about GW merges. What follows are what I firmly believe to be the top five suggestions of the week:

1. Option To Removed All Unconfirmed Teams In Competitions
suggested by titi186 on this thread –

Organising friendly comps is great. Trying to keep one rolling for multiple seasons can be a great pain when it comes to the ones that have a large number of members. When you reset or change a competition it requires that everyone reconfirms. This step can sometimes be a struggle.

One suggestion in the thread is to removal all teams and start again inviting people. Personally I have found with larger comps that you do get people confirming when asked to and it leaves a number of greyed out teams, i.e. the ones that have yet to reconfirm entry. It is possible to right click and remove from comps, but a “remove all unconfirmed” option would enable comps to be restarted much quicker.

2. Sense Of Triumph – Congratulations Screen
suggested by Spacenugget on this thread –

Actively congratulating managers for achieving goals is on the roadmap according to Marc Duffy, but what an ace idea. One thing I liked about Gran Turismo was the licenses. You don’t forget that sense of satisfaction when completing a license and getting that small animation of credit due for the work you put in. However, the license itself enabled entry to new competitions. Would it mean as much without essentially unlocking a new part of the game and how would this work in FML?

With the introduction of a token system and future introduction of missions, I think that we’ll be going some way to rewarding those that are online for longer. I’m not convinced that gaining a congrats screen for attaining the well travelled achievement will make people play the game any different, but winning official FA Comps and getting a team celebration pic in my strip would give me a new pride.

3. National Teams
suggested on very many various over the last two years, two in last week!

Always nice to see the idea of national teams coming around again. The forum search function underutilised, there are always opinions on the matter to be expressed. Again. There appears to be two trail of thoughts.

The first is “international” i.e. having either an AI international manager calling up players or some sort of election/qualification process that leads to a manager being the international manager. The second is “FA select” so one person within an FA is elected the manager and basically selects the best squad from the whole FA. Either way this is seen as something to work to every season

The length of service and how to get elected is fine detail but before a player is allowed to be called up, it would simply have to be that there were no sticky injuries and that a player could play for international and club at the same time. Else this may end up with situations where there would be a conflict of interest and it would interfere with normal goings on.

4. Goals For Shortlisted Players
suggested by kevy3480 on this thread –

A very simple idea, a bit like scouting video reports, this idea is essentially to deliver to you a compilation of the best clips of players in your shortlist. I am guilty of signing players based on attributes and reputation and that this would introduce a moment of realism that I feel is currently missing.

Maybe this could be a bit like goal of the week, with radio buttons and a chance to see the clips/goals on a pop-up? There was a suggestion about integrating this into the TV lounge, although I’m sure that there could be better plans for chat rooms in the future (still wondering whether each FA chatroom could have it’s own TV area applicable only to FA clips). In any case the clips appear only to be used for goal of the week and it would be nice to make more out of clips.

5. All Newgen Game Worlds
suggested by TonyQ123 on this thread –

This is something that has been picked up before and reading through the 1.2 release notes it looks like there is now a means of starting a newgen-only game world. It’s not happened yet though, perhaps because the last three GWs had already been announced. The benefits of a Newgen (or Regen if you remember the days when you could put an ace player due to retire in your shortlist and then watch as they magically became the reincarnation of said player) game world are immense. For starters scouting skills will become THE skill to learn. Assuming that players will be random and not just random names for the same player, then you can no longer rely on suggestions, experiences in other GWs or an FM database. So for this reason, your skill in player selection will be tested. Trialing may become more important.

The biggest thing for me would be the fact that known names will no longer be selected just because they are known names. What I mean here is that when you assembly 1000 managers into a GW, a majority of these will have got a shortlist of names that they want to try and sign first, Rooney, Pepe, Messi, etc. Perhaps one-man teams will become rarer, maybe we’ll see more balanced teams based on reputation and attributes. This could also give the option for future GW merging if this was needed, without duplication of players.

The only downside is the advertising for FML in that you are given the option to sign such real-life superstars; not knowing anyone could put off a potential customer. So the real question should be whether FML should concentrate on being newgen across the board (after all, Cantona has just reached season 12) or whether a newgen GW would be “Pro” only for transferring into with your skills?

As always, feel free to add your own ideas on the official forums at If you have any comments on the suggestions listed this week, definitely post them below. Maybe this will get some creative thoughts going and I’ll pick yours next time!

Written By Rik Stewart
A long-standing beta tester for FM Live, Rik is a moderator on GW Hoddle and responsible for their game world blog at
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  • Rik

    Nice one :)     Never thought about youth internationals :)

  • JustGotHere - St.Johson

    Hi from Brazil!
    Let's go one by one...

    - 1.) I like that. More power to the organisers could be just what they need. Everything to make it easier and less struggling for people who really wants to play it.

    - 2.) In my opinion, that's the great idea that ever showed up at FML. There is lots of different ways to add "Sense of Triumph" to the game. Trophy Rooms, Squad pictures... What about a "trophy creator" for who creates a new competition? That way, every comp would have a brand new and different trophy to go for and try to collect. Or maybe just FA competitions having trophies to be shown in a "Trophy Room".

    - 3.) "National Teams" should be a real goal to aim for! It could be added in players profile "International Appearence" and certain way it could be some kind of "add on" to their reputation. Same time it could be created a "Youth International Team". National team's manager should be salacted in a comp, never votes. "Fa's select" are also a very nice idea!

    -4.) What's better than following this one player you're really interested in by watching his goals and assists? For me, little add on, great idea!

    -5.) Perfect! I know we really don't need new GWs, but a totally "Newgen" Gameworld would be something great !

    That's it guys, hope this ideas help FMl to develop even more!

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