Sep 10

Beta Worlds Upgraded To v1.4


silogo Beta Worlds Upgraded To v1.4In the most recent development diary entry, Marc Duffy gives us an update on the final testing run of the 1.3 code. So far, there have been no major issues reported by the company’s QA department and it looks apparent that they’ll be able to meet the tentatively announced release date of Wednesday, September 30.

Sports Interactive is also eagerly anticipating the “new” FML match engine which will be available to the team come next week – this means that the 1.3 ME will more or less be in sync with the first release of FM2010.

Marc has also informed us that the base code for the next update 1.4 has been implemented in beta. Those managers participating in the Miller beta gameworld received this treat several days ago – which includes the barebones system for tokens, missions and challenges.

On the official forum thread, Marc will be fielding any questions you might have about FML or life in the Sports Interactive towers and posting the best of them (funny or serious) next week on his blog.

From our perspective at Gameworld One.Com, we’re happy to see progress being made in the timetable between update releases, getting new content out within 12-14 weeks and keeping the community in the loop. It appears that Sports Interactive is increasingly confident in fulfilling most, if not all of the highlighted plans this coming year as discussed on the FML roadmap.

Of course, you’ll be able to catch the latest news and developments here – we look forward to giving you a full preview of 1.4 over the next few months.

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