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5 Of The Best Players – Wonderkids


To kick off our occasional new series “Five of the Best” here at, I’ll be introducing you to five of the best players within the Football Manager Live database. Simples! So the first one I’ve decided to go for is wonderkids.

This list will include some of the finest kids on the game. I’m going to try to have a variation of different positions too, so don’t be surprised if a huge name player is missed off the list. You can just comment on the article and tell me how stupid I am for missing them out!

Miralem Pjanic

pjanic 5 Of The Best Players   WonderkidsPjanic is now a name that is instantly recognisable to recent FM/FML players and Lyon are hoping his stature will rise in real life, too. The Bosnian playmaker would cost the majority of your initial budget in a starting GW and millions after that. He can play in a multitude of positions but feels most at home on the right of midfield or in a central role. The teenage maestro is also two-footed, which is a massive addition to any side’s attacking arsenal.

His character and style of play can be defined by his impressive array of Player Preferred Moves:

  • Tries Killer Balls Often
  • Places Shots
  • Plays One-Twos
  • Tries Tricks

Miralem Pjanic will be one of the outstanding talents in any GW and the team he plays in will certainly be lucky to have him.

Mamadou Sakho

sakho 5 Of The Best Players   WonderkidsSakho is quite simply the perfect centre half. I was a little reluctant to use his attributes from Keane, but that would be disrespectful to the hugely talented teen. Just to point out how good he is, 10 seasons in, he has 20 for the following attributes; Heading, Marking, Tackling, Anticipation, Concentration, Decisions, Positioning and Strength.

Add to that, the myriad of stats over 15 and you have, most likely, the best defender on the game.

The only injustice in Keane is that he is not a Household Name. He is, however, in the top 20 highest MV players. Again, coming in at around the £300k-£400k mark, he is going to take up a huge amount of your budget but the return is surely worth it.

Sakho can also perform well at left-back position. He would also make a great candidate as captain, due to his high Influence and his eventual reputation.


bojan 5 Of The Best Players   WonderkidsNo one will be surprised to see this name on here. Probably the biggest prospect on the game, Bojan has every chance of being the best striker in the GW. Few others develop into such a well rounded and potent goalscorer, meaning he’s well worth the large sum of cash needed. He’s very much in the Michael Owen (of years gone by) mould. He’s lightning quick, very good in the air considering his lack of height and he’s absolutely lethal in front of goal.

Don’t be surprised if Bojan never gets put on the market as, if you had him yourself, surely you’d want to keep hold of him for as long as possible. His goal ratio in most GameWorlds will be somewhere around a goal a game over the course of his career. He’ll also get your side a hat-full of assists too, in case his incredible goal ratio didn’t tempt you into splashing the cash.

The fact that he can use his left foot almost as good as his right emphasises his talent.

Sotiris Ninis

ninis 5 Of The Best Players   WonderkidsSotiris Ninis is a Greek winger with bags of potential. He has pace in abundance and is brilliant at getting to the by-line and delivering inch perfect crosses. His ability on the ball is second to none (or at least second to very few, anyway!) as he beats many defenders on the outside. Like others in this article, Ninis is competent with both feet. He can also play in the centre of midfield, where he can put to good use his creativity and passing prowess.

It’s also nice to note that Ninis is also defensively sound and will work hard and help out at the back. In fact, he could probably play as a full-back if he was the only option. The only disappointing thing about him is that he has no PPMs. However, this takes nothing away from his overall performances and average ratings. He should consistently get well over a 7 average rating each season and whey in with several goals and assists. His wages don’t seem to jump into the ridiculous amounts that you often see, even when he gets to Household Name.

Manuel Neuer

neuer 5 Of The Best Players   WonderkidsI don’t know what it is about Germany and goalkeepers but they always seem to have a good bunch to choose from. Manuel Neuer is looking like a top talent in real life and that is represented in the FML database. He’s no longer a teenager but can easily be called a wonderkid. Neuer can be identified by his incredible distribution, with both his Kicking and Throwing singling him out above others in his age range. Of course, goalkeepers are paid to do exactly that – keep the ball out of the net and Neuer has all the necessary skills to pull this off better than most. His goalkeeping attributes in general are incredible. His Handling, One on Ones and Reflexes are particularly high.

Perhaps the only weakness the big German has is high Eccentricity. This though, is down to personal opinion and a decent level of eccentricity can be a good thing.

His mental stats are also very good and he’s blessed with very good positioning – a vital stat for a ‘keeper. He’s reasonably influential too, so may become a decent choice of captain.

That just about does it for Five of the Best this time around. I’m sure you feel someone else is deserving of a place in this article, so feel free to add a comment and let everyone know.

Written By Tom Hales
Tom is a long-term FML player with an interest in scouting and finding great talent. You can follow the fortunes of his team at, his FML side's official blog.
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  • Josh Evetts

    Hmm Well if bojan is there why isnt pato :) simlar price simlar quality and Oscar for me is the find of fml look him up :)

  • green_wonderteam

    although i don't See Balotelli (i have him in Muhren with an average of 7.58 with 60 goals in 58 matches) at least i'm happy that i can see Ninis there!! he is pure class in real life too
    playing for my favourite club,Panathinaikos!!!

  • Guest

    lateef elford alliyu for me he is a sper fast striker and if he gets the right technical coaching he is amazing

  • Guest

    Some great suggestions :)  Sif - You're definitely right, the huge sums that people have paid for Jovetic in Keane speaks for itself :D

    Wow at that screenie of Fiorillo  =-O  He's pretty class in Keane but not that good AFAIK. As for Balotelln and Walcott, they're both good shouts but neither are better than Bojan IMO Walcott could certainly push Ninis for a place in their though.

  • Gareth Millward

    Good to see this has sparked debate - keep those suggestions coming!  ;)

  • Sheriff

    Maybe Walcott as well? 

  • Guest

    Vincenzo Fiorillo turned into the best goalkeeper i've ever seen in FML in GW Clough

  • green_wonderteam

    where is Balotelli????

  • WiseSif

    Definetely Stevan Jovetic :-D

    You can snap him at initial squad (spending the most of your budget) and get one of the best and more complete FWs of the GW for loooooong time! 

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