Sep 06

Video From FML’s Big Brother (FM2010)


In a recently released video by Football Spy as part of the Daily Mirror, we get a short introduction to new features included in this year’s Football Manager 2010 release. This segment at just under four minutes showcases Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive Studio Director as he shows the community his relative lack of skill at pool and among other things, how to properly hide a uni-brow when associating with the press.

Highlighted features as announced on this video:

  • New match engine with upgraded graphics and animations, including stadiums and crowd atmosphere.
  • New tactics creator with more football-based instructions in addition to the classic “sliders”.
  • Advanced news options; ability to “subscribe” for updates on any club or league.

How does this relate in any way to Football Manager Live?

Well, it would be negligent to completely overlook the fact that the standard FM series is essentially the “big brother” to FM Live. While some managers may play the MMO exclusively, a great proportion do indeed play both games.

As Miles did state in the video, Sports Interactive spent the past year getting feedback from the official forums for a basis of many new features and improvements for the upcoming version of the game. This is where Football Manager Live becomes a crucial tool for the developers. While there is a separate team working on each product, many of the additions to FM2010 have come directly out of the MMO.

Under the constant development model, as users we are able to play with, test, abuse and enjoy features – then by use of the forums, have actual input into the course of development for both games. For this reason, we would definitely implore all those not already active to join the official forums at and participate with us in the discussions.

While Gameworld One.Com is committed to covering Football Manager Live in the most updated and in-depth fashion as our primary mission to our readers, we will also be including relevant information about our “big brother” as it hits the streets. Of course, with an original spin and perspective from an FML point of view.

This video is only a start to the promotional campaign for the pending FM2010 release next month. For the next 6-7 weeks, Miles will be writing a daily blog in conjunction with the Daily Mirror that will see him discuss more new and improved aspects of the game. You can check out the first three installments of this:

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Written By Gameworld One.Com Staff
Teaching managers the ins and outs of Football Manager Live since gameworld one - our staff is made up of the most experienced users, beta testers and moderators found in the FML community.
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  • WiseSif

    Exactly in the same shoes with Jordan! I bought FM09 and installed it... end of it! Then it was all FML... 8-)

  • Mark Burton

    There does appear to be some nice additions in 2010 - and not all of them "Stolen" from the little brother ;)

    I can sense an "Ideas i'd like to steal from FM'10" article coming soon :)

  • Maybe it's blasphemy, but I never even played FM09 this past year! With FML though getting more and more casual though, I may buy FM2010 and see where that takes me.

  • Tom Hales

    I'm hoping this iteration will reel me back in as I never had a long-term game on FM09 :(  With FM10 looking like more of a polish, I should find it easier to dive right in.

    I've laready decided who to play as in my first game, too :-P

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