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On The Forums – 5 FML Suggestions


forums On The Forums   5 FML SuggestionsWe’re always looking to cover the most relevant topics on the minds of FML managers and in that spirit, now we’d like to highlight your thoughts about the game. Every week, we’ll be scouring the official forums for the best threads, brightest comments, heated debates and even the most laughable rants!

In this edition: your suggested ideas, tweaks and improvements for Football Manager Live.

Some ideas are small, some are large, some have been mentioned many times before. It’s mainly been a week of suggestions for stimulation of older game worlds – the effects of the pending 1.3 update, trial accounts envisaged to be failing, GW merging, and a few people calling for Sports Interactive to open a new world else they will not subscribe. However in amongst the “gloom” topics, various locked threads, GW recruitment and FM08/09 requests, I have tried my best to identify what I think are the best five ideas of the past week.

1. Official Quick Play Competitions
suggested by kevy3480 on this thread –

Although historically I’ve hated QP comps, it looks like a motion has been passed to include them in official competitions. When first introduced they were just a means of people entering as many as they could, some for a belief of the myth that the more games a player plays the more they progress, others to gamble on money in the original infamous Double-Your-Money competitions.

When the coded rules were changed (75% needing to be online and 10 games max), the intention was clear that competitions were set up to provide enjoyment to the people online at the time. The next problem arose when QPs would be set up for the maximum and then take more than a session to fill, meaning that they were often not started due to not having fulfilled the requirements, or they were basically repetitive cash cow DYM 8-team cups.

The suggestion of having QP comps in officially monitored capacity means that the total size of comps can be controlled without having to get everyone to reconfirm. This actually means for the first time you can set up a competition in the new SUPER FAs that is for anyone online and being sociable in the game world – no more waiting for entrants.

2. More Detailed Competition Creation Options
suggested by abfc on this thread –

This idea was inspired by the wanting of a “reserve only” competition which is dependent on the entrants not playing their first team. The option of having a 22-24 category comp would be handy due to the limbo in that age group of the players being dependable seniors.

The other ideas mentioned were competitions requiring a certain formation, introducing nationalities into the conditions and reputation limit on players (a limit on the players than can be used is not just good for the lower teams but having bigger clubs required to enter a lesser quality team would be a challenge). The more different entry conditions, the better it provides a variety in the sort of comps available in a game world.

3. Conditional Loans
suggested by StewartDowning1 on this thread –
and by Mark.Alexander on this thread -

This one is all about imposing conditions on the loan so that managers can be more confident in loaning out their players – without period being detrimental to progression or a waste of time. The ideas mentioned are the inclusion of a tickbox: ‘player trains with current club’ which would result in the player getting the same coaching from the donor but with the boost of first-team football and higher ratings of the loaning team. I absolutely agree that this would be a positive inclusion.

In addition, including such things as “must play X times” or maybe a performance related % of wage, so the wage contribution is decreased for every game that the player plays. It’s something that encourages loans to be more than about filling up a roster or having the loan be a rarely used back-up player.

I see a suggestion which occasionally surfaces to include the option to recall players. This needs to be carefully thought out to avoid mates lending for a key game, whether this is performance restrictive, rep restrictive or length restricted before being properly entertained.

4. Vetoes For Player Extensions In Off-Season
suggested by TomX, Mark.Alexander on this thread –

Something close to my heart is the that stadium construction can be paid in eight weekly installments. In theory this means that at the start of a season you can make big stadium improvements and maybe worry about it later. The fact that your bank doesn’t veto the construction because you’re not over your overdraft within the 28 day forecast means that it goes ahead, even if the financial forecast graph looks like a 1:1 gradient slope ending at -£1m on the 28th day.

Now fast forward 21 days, you no longer have FA income via media money or league daily income. Your forecast is now deep in the red. It looks like you might get out of the red after the last stadium income, but the fact that you’re now predicted to go beyond your overdraft for more than three days means that your board now wakes up and prevents you from doing anything including renewing wage auctions. If you don’t manage your finances very carefully and sell one of your stars then you may end up with your board letting your best players go, never mind someone poaching them in wage auctions.

Some suggestions in this thread – a shortening of forecast from 28 to 14 (or maybe just until start of the season) or simply an eight week forecast is used by the board.

5. Substitution Reversions On Emergency Timeouts
suggested by Mark.Alexander on this thread –

Another Mark.Alexander special, but I think it’s probably his most important suggestion.

“If you have subs waiting to come on and a player gets injured or sent off – the sub waiting comes on with no chance to change the choice in light of the injury or sending off.”

I think that this would improve the subbing situation greatly. It’s happened many times that I’ve brought on my last sub, proceeded to confirm the changes and then someone dies on the pitch. The fact that I scream at FML to let me change my mind is not recognised within the match engine. That being so, my substitute striker is now shaking hands with a semi-knackered striker coming to meet him on the sideline, whereas my star central defender is being stretchered off and I know that I’ll be conceding a goal.

As always, feel free to add your own ideas on the official forums at If you have any comments on the suggestions listed this week, definitely post them below. Maybe this will get some creative thoughts going and I’ll pick yours next time!

Written By Rik Stewart
A long-standing beta tester for FM Live, Rik is a moderator on GW Hoddle and responsible for their game world blog at
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  • Rik

    Thanks legends. Some great points Mark :)

  • Mark Burton

    5) Substitutions - It's a good idea, and surprisingly it appears to be something that hasn't been mentioned before. Cancelling (or forcing confirmation of) any subs as soon as an injury occurs would appear reasonably simple to do.

    As Tom says, nice to see the more useful threads getting highlighted. Although i do look forward to favourite "5 Locked Threads" segment at some stage ;)

  • Mark Burton

    3) Loans (Recalls) - An area that got a lot of abuse throughout early beta testing (hence the current restrictions) while the principles have some merit i'd expet some very careful thought and testing to go into any changes.

    4) Vetoes - Some clarification here first up - The FA Media Payments are made over 28 days (not 21) and an approximation of them is also carried through your 28 day projection into the next season. - So it's only the prize money portion which isn't projected. For this i guess limiting a % of your overdraft that could be used for stadiums might work - although an option to view an extended projection would be good.

  • Mark Burton

    Welcome to the gang Rik :)

    A couple of thoughts on the ideas above:

    1) Official QP comps - This is exactly the sort of thing thatthe new Super FA's were added for, no idea why some worlds haven't embraced these sorts of options.

    2) More Comp. Options - Yeah, lot's of suggestions along these lines crop up at times, and certainly some of them would be great additions.

  • While I do enjoy reading the forum thread with suggestions on improving the game... too often I find that the original poster is trying to gear the game around his own playing style. Had 6 injuries in the past day? Let's discuss how to change the injury system! Lost to the 4-6-0? Let's discuss how to improve the match engine! I'm not saying it isn't productive, just I'd rather highlight improvements that would benefit all and not just some.

  • Tom Hales

    Nice one Rik :)

    It'll be good to get regular updates of all the forum posts that are ACTUALLY worth reading, rather thanclicking on a misinformative headline that ineveitably leads to "why the hell don't SI open a new GW?" :-P

    BTW, I think #5 would be really simple but useful addition and it's actually amazing to think that it hasn't been suggested before (or implemented already).

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