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Tentative v1.3 Release Date Announced


silogo Tentative v1.3 Release Date Announced

On the newest installment of the official development diaries, Marc Duffy gives an update to the Football Manager Live community about the pending release of 1.3. The dev team currently is in the process of handing this version off to SEGA to begin the final testing process of the code. If everything goes according to plan, the update should take effect on:

Wednesday, September 30.

Be aware though that while the development team has made every effort to fix any major issues, it’s tough predict if any further problems crop up during the final testing phase – meaning the release date is still liable to be changed slightly.

Other highlights noted on today’s official dev blog:

  • Polished up the Vibrante skin, screenshots available on Twitter @FootManLive
  • The change list for 1.3 has recently been updated with almost-final tweaks and fixes.
  • Flagged changes include an adjustment to wage demands that more closely reflects reputation/attributes.

Marc and the rest of the FML development team is always honest and as forthcoming as possible when communicating with the community. Keeping users “in the loop” is one of their top priorities. For today’s full installment or to read past entries, visit the official dev blog at

Why don’t you get a head start on the competition? Here at Gameworld One.Com, our senior correspondent Mark Burton has previewed some of the new features in v1.3 in the following articles:

Match Plans – Offline management in 1.3
Match Engine Preview 1.3 – Part 1
Match Engine Preview 1.3 – Part 2

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  • Tom Hales

    I'm much more positive Millie...12 hours from me :-P

    In all seriousness though, that's really good news. The efficiency between 1.2 and 1.3 is very impressive IMO. Hopefully it will set a precedent for major updates to come more often :)

  • Guest

    Good news :D

  • Gareth Millward

    Good to hear! We can get ourselves geared up for the new update.

    Shall we do a sweepstake on how long it will take to actually be able to log in from the start of the upload of the new code? I'll put a tenner on 21 hours 14 minutes. ;)

    I'm kidding lads. :-D  

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