Sep 03

Stadium Atmosphere Clarification


There will be no change in terms of atmosphere to the match engine in 1.3.

A couple of weeks ago in the first of the Match Engine Previews Part 1,  I posted confirmation of the introduction of stadium atmosphere, along with a quote:

“In 1.3 a full 25,000 seater stadium is better than 25,000 in say a 60,000 stadium. A full 25,000 seater stadium with hardcore will be better than a full 25,000 seater stadium with prawn sandwich munchers.”Marc Duffy, Sports Interactive

Amidst a lot of confusion, on several levels, the clarification of changes to the way atmosphere is calculated were misinterpreted as meaning it would be implemented into the match engine. That is not the case, yes there have been some changes to the way it is calculated and you may see some changes to your atmosphere rating after 1.3 is rolled out. But, it is not used by the match engine in 1.3.

So what is changing ?

Well as mentioned in part 2 of the match engine preview, there are more questions than answers at this point. However there is a bit of information on how the atmosphere rating is calculated now, and how that will change with 1.3.

Every fan type has an atmosphere rating, die hard fans are worth more than family and they are worth more than corporate fans, in terms of adding to the atmosphere. The calculation then looks at how many of each fan type attends a match and multiplies each attendance total by the atmosphere rating of that group to come up with an overall atmosphere score for the stadium. The final stage is to compare the total attendance with the total capacity (seats and terraces). Every empty seat will have a negative impact on the overall atmosphere rating.

The present atmosphere rating for your club does not account for any empty stands, or empty blocks within stands. This is the major area of change which will be implemented in 1.3, empty blocks and stands will be treated as though they were empty seats, adding to the overall size of the stadium. Effectively this will mean a rethink of the practice of building stands purely to accommodate a few corporate fans, while that practice may prove the most beneficial from an economic perspective it will have a negative impact on your stadiums atmosphere.

What do we need to know ?

A lot of questions have been asked throughout the forums, mostly in the hysteria created by the assumption it was about to have an impact on the teams performance in a match. Now that we know that’s not about to happen we can take a good look at some of the queries, and work on getting answers to the most relevant questions. The current thread on this is New ME and crowds? and while we can now confirm the answer to the original post is a resounding NO – there are still a lot of queries left to be answered before stadium atmosphere is made an effective part of the match.

To that end I’ve sent a list of questions gathered from other forum posts, to Marc Duffy (no longer sure that was a good idea). From queries about any maximum cap on atmosphere, more details about the fan type benefits and the ratios, what benefits are there for bigger vs smaller stadiums, how will away fans be factored in, etc, etc. When we get some relevant answers to those types of questions I will certainly inform you all through another article, although much of that may not have been coded yet so expect some delays. In the meantime I’d recommend the above thread to post any further questions you might have, or better any suggestions on how you would like to see things implemented.

Neutral Venues – Super Admin 10 Stadium

Currently all single leg matches in official competitions take place at the venue of the competitions creator, as much of the initial FA set-up work is done by utilising the super admin accounts in each game world it leaves teams playing at that stadium. A non-existent stadium with no atmosphere and zero attendances is no place to play the Gold Cup Final, or any other big official match.

So, a recent addition to the 1.3 update, the change will see official neutral venue matches take place at one of the stadiums of a member of that FA, but not one of the participants. Only stadiums that are well maintained will be considered (unless they are all shocking), and the higher capacity stadiums will generally be favoured over the smaller ones. But a level of randomisation should see some variety in the chosen location for these matches. At this stage again it’s just a cosmetic effect, but in future we may see some ‘portion’ of gate receipts also going to the owner of the selected stadium.

While it is the intention of to present the latest, up to date and most accurate information to our readers, and we will endeavour to verify any facts we present to you. On some occasions we may get it wrong, this was one of those – so again our apologies.

Written By Mark Burton
A moderator since May 2008 in a number of beta worlds and now GW Fowler, he strives to highlight the community aspects of FML and inform new & experienced users about future game development.
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  • Mark Burton

    I'd agree Jordan - effectively it's been clear that it would be implemented "at some stage" since stadiums first came in - so no real excuses.

    However more information on how best to organise your stadium would be good, and for that people do need more info on how it will all work (and when).

  • If you take a look at some of the official forum talk, it seems like SI can't win either way. There are people clamoring for stadium atmosphere to be included ASAP - then there are those complaining that introducing this now would "totally ruin my building strategy". Being that it's been displayed on the profile from the start, I think there's no right for anyone to say that they weren't aware that atmosphere would end up becoming a variable at some point.

  • amg from nicholson

    Big big disapointment, i'm going the atmosphere stadium and it seems i might have to wait 3 more months atleast to get an advantage of that :(

    I like the neutral matches idea though, seems cool, i wish SI update the game more frequently

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