Aug 05

Episode 28 – FML Roadmap Discussion


Last week, Sports Interactive has finally released to the public a “road map” that will encompass the next ten months of development for Football Manager Live. Joining us on the show is Zac “Eldonko” Ryan, a frequent contributer on the offical FML forums – hear how he incessently agrees with the hosts despite his reputation. Will the FA structure ever get to a state that Gareth and Jordan will stop complaining about it?

Topics of Discussion:
Sports Interactive’s FML Roadmap Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Speculations on how planned new features will be implemented in the game
Are there any glaring ommissions on the Roadmap?
Will this be enough for existing users to extend their subscriptions?

Blog of the Week:
Muhren GW blog @


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Written By Jordan Cooper
A moderator on GW Fowler and a co-founder of Gameworld One.Com, he has hosted/produced the Get Sacked! podcast for nearly two years providing humor and strategical insight to all about the FM series.
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  • ashley evans

    in fm09 it was simple but the easiest tactics came from fm09 on the psp but that interface and structure would be so easily transferable the simplisity if having a list of players down the side and being able to look at all players roles at the same time so you no whos set to run with the ball and whos holding up the ball etc. pure ease

  • Er.. the old one WAS the FM09 tactical interface. And this one is MUCH simpler. Worse? I can accept that criticism. A vanity project? Unfounded, but I can see the point of view. MORE COMPLICATED? Nonsense.

  • ashley evans

    the old 1 was nothing like fm09 as fm09 was simple and easy to understand this is just over complicated and just i few computer geniuses deciding 2 show case talent waste of time. simplisity is the key to keep the cauals and the regulars but now i get spanked 6-0 by lower ranked teams cos they got a better grip of the tacics or just got lucky

  • John Rivett

    The tactics interface was just like the one in FM09, however this one was changed to help people who were struggling to interpret the sliders and translate them into real football styles, positions etc. I quite like it. It's easy to set up a tactic and then tweak it.

    I love the shouts too.

  • ashley evans

    id love to see the tactics interface move over to a smilar 1 to fm09 which is alot simpler and easy to understand i dont no y its different as the ppl who signed up are most likly to b fm users who will no the interface

  • John Rivett

    If you could code the AI to say GL, GG and fast spd pls then i don't think many people would even realise it was AI. Nobody talks in the game these days anyway. I think at least with the new idea we would get a bit of a challenge instead of people just trying to power level their team as quick as possible.

  • Abdullah from nicholson

    I think having an AI team to test your team is a decent idea, you dont have to play against them if you dont want.

    Things that I and propably a lot of managers would like to see:

    Players learn new positions, or atleast progress more in the positions already available to them i.e: from yellow to green..

    Inter worlds competition(gold champions from each world qualify for a bigger comp)

    Addition of national teams, as we know the database is huge so managers will probably find enough players even for a nation like luxemborg :P

    Add an option for multi-select: the ability to select more than 1 player/manager, say to list them on loan or send a mail

    Addition of voice chat, maybe even video?

    If you guys like some of these ideas please talk about them in the podcast as im sure SI are listen to it


  • But you're not. This is what I don't get. Yes, OK, you'd prefer to play against another human manager. But WHY. Why is it so important?

    At the moment, the "AI" does sweet Jermimah Crankshaft - and the team has been created by a human. If I wanted to play against an *adaptive* AI, I'd play FM09. But I'm playing against a team compiled by a human, which is very different.

  • James Hadley

    In regards to AI matches and potential AI matches, the reason I dislike them, is because it's not what FML is about in my opinion... If I wanted to play matches against an AI team I'd go play FM09

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