Jul 13

Gameworld Maintenance


If you can’t get in to your game world at some point over the next few weeks, this is probably why. Sega are performing maintenance on their servers over the back end of July. It’s already affected the forums today, and the FML retail gameworlds are up for the same treatment over the next couple of weeks.

Please check the thread at the official forums to check when your world is scheduled to be down.

July 14th – 7am until 7pm (BST)
St John, Rummenigge, Jackett, Zola

July 15th – 7am until 7pm (BST)
Greaves, Platini, Pearce, Papin

July 16th – 7am until 7pm (BST)
Larsson, Metgod, Muhren, Houghton

July 21st – 7am until 7pm (BST)
Cantona, Fernandez, Shearer, Blissett

July 22nd – 7am until 7pm (BST)
Clough, Lineker, Toms

July 23rd – 7am until 7pm (BST)
Saunders, Fowler, Keane

July 28th - 7am until 7pm (BST)
Lofthouse, Laudrup, Callaghan, McCoist

July 29th – 7am until 7pm (BST)
LeTissier, Nicholson, Whiteside, Durie

July 30th – 7am until 7pm (BST)
Molby, Gemmill, Altobelli, Hoddle

And, while we’re here – a quick reminder that GetSacked! episode 25 coming out on Wednesday will be the second part of the Ov Collyer interview! Don’t miss it!

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