Jul 12

1.2.1 announced


Marc Duffy has announced on the official SI forums that 1.2.1 is in the final QA testing stage before release. As this patch has a third number, it is a minor update to tweak a few things and mop up some outstanding bug issues. 1.3 is currently well under way in beta testing, and that will be a far more substantial update.

1.2.1 however is looking to fix a few things. Notably the typing issues some users had been reporting and some tweaks to player progression and the way it is reported.

The full change list is available here.

And Marc’s post is stickied at the top of the forums:

Marc Duffy

Today I have pushed 1.2.1 to QA for final testing. The major fixes are detailed in the manual page below (there are a few other under-the-bonnet type ones that didn’t make it to the changelist). I will update further when we have a release date from QA.

To prompt the obvious posts (and posters) this is just an interim patch to fix up remaining big issues with the 1.2 release. 1.3 is well underway and we’ll hopefully be in a position to announce more details later this week.


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  • Hopefully they're acting on their promise of more regular content. The typing issue has been doing my head in recently too, so that's good news :P

    The fact that Marc feels they will be ready to announce details this week is also very promising!

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