Jul 06

Try FML – for FREE!


So, those post 1.2 plans for FML have been leaked via the phenomenon that is the interweb. Bertie BG, a.k.a Rob Barns-Graham (episode 5), a.k.a Full Metal Racket, a.k.a SEGA’s FML community officer has announced via Twitter that there is a free trial for FML. So, if you have any friends, get them over to the tryfml.com and get them to sign up.

You will need credit card details in order to sign up for the 21-day trial, but if you don’t like the game you can cancel your subscription at any point during the trial period.

This could see up to 200 new teams in established gameworlds, giving them a much needed injection of activity.

Whether this is a good move for FML remains to be seen. Obviously having a lot of new teams in gameworlds on short-term subs will bring positives and negatives to the GW economy. There has also been concern raised on the forums about potential exploiters. We will monitor the situation closely.

Rob has sent us a mail detailing the offer, so take a quick read and see what you think. No doubt this will be a major discussion point over the next few weeks.

Sports Interactive and SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced that a free trial for Football Manager™ Live – the groundbreaking massively multiplayer online football manager game – is available as of today on www.tryfml.com.

After providing billing details, the free trial of Football Manager Live gives you full access to all the games features, including friend lists, a deep tactics system and all the greatest players in the world. At the end of the 21 days, the free trial will continue into a subscription.

Be quick, there are only limited places available! These places are in game worlds that are due to begin their new season very soon. In each of these worlds a small percentage of free spaces are on hand for aspiring managers to try Football Manager Live. Follow us on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/FootManLive for daily updates on the amount of spaces available.

For more information on Football Manager Live, please visit www.footballmanagerlive.com.

Written By Gameworld One.Com Staff
Teaching managers the ins and outs of Football Manager Live since gameworld one - our staff is made up of the most experienced users, beta testers and moderators found in the FML community.
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  • Hopefully it will be a good incentive to get people joined up!! Then we'll just have to hope that all of the extra managers get as hooked as we have :)

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