Jul 04

Friends in 1.2


Contraversially, I think that one of the finer things about 1.2 is the friends feature. Although many are putting down the friends feature as being too much like facebook and is not adding anything extra to the game, there is more to friends than it looks. In fact I would say that the more you put into the interface, the more you will get out.

Contacts in 1.1 is all about watching people sign in and out, adding people to chats and seeing match updates if you so wish. Stalking from afar. There was no incentive to having contacts, and not much point in adding everyone you like in your GW to your contacts list as it just got messy.

In 1.2 the term contacts are now friends. You can send out friend requests which appear in their new home section, along with competition invites, vote invites and summary of unread news items/ mail items. Once you are friends you can now see all their news items in your “key updates” homepage. You can tailor (by hiding) news items that you want to see. So now you can see which of your mates are joining which competitions, how well they are doing in the transfer market, what achievements they are getting, how well they are doing in comps.

This may not have sold you yet… but the best part is that you can comment on every news item and anyone who is the recipients friend will see all the comments. You can also comment on comments. What this does is create a level of interaction that was missing. It’s like a discussion mail on each story which is more private. If you get knocked out of a comp in the final then you will get a pat on the back or ribbed. If you get a new signing you’ll get feedback on what your mates think. If you get a news item about becoming financially secure you will get accusations of cheating :p – it’s all a brand new means of banter-generation.

Another feature connected to this is the interface with competitions. Previously you may have had to spend many hours trying to recruit people to competitions and inviting all the people you enjoy playing one by one or hoping that they will see your adverts. You can now invite all your friends in one hit. Under the invite tab of the comp profile screen is the options to invite friends – a pop-up comes up and you get a number of checkboxes against each friend to invite. So for all you budding competition creators will have an easier method of filling your comps. Ace.

So basically the more friends the merrier. Don’t relate friends to the old contacts system – get everyone you like or want to keep updates on added as a friend and then get interacting :)

Written By Rik Stewart
A long-standing beta tester for FM Live, Rik is a moderator on GW Hoddle and responsible for their game world blog at hoddlelegends.blogspot.com.
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