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Strange New World


162x90genlogo Strange New WorldOne of the major announcements made by Sports Interactive in the change list that has seen a lot of talk in the forums is this…

- Added the capability to create game worlds full of fake players which should help to level the playing field between those with expert knowledge of the FM database and those without!

It’s fair to say that the ability to create a regen-only GW has met with a certain amount of excitement. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this and instantly wanted one to open as soon as humanly possible. As a result, I was slightly disappointed to hear that Altobelli was confirmed as a Beginner gameworld when it opens it’s doors.

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…

Having thought about it properly though, could we expect to see an option to join a beta version of this in the near future to test it out? It would clearly be something that many people would love the chance of doing and this to me seems like a likely option. Given that it’s something completely new in FML, a beta regen-only GW would be the sensible choice.
As a normal Football Manager Live database consists of around 50,000 players, it’s easy to see the potential problems. Devs will need to answer questions such as;

- Is the balance of world class talent right in contrast the lesser able players?
- Will all the managers have a fair crack at creating a team capable of dominance?
- What about reputation? Will rep properly reflect a player’s attributes?

That’s just the start of it. There is a massive process to this that most of us (myself included) wouldn’t be able to comprehend.

Huge Potential

Much like Bojan or Pato, this has infinite potential. I think the major draw for this kind of GW is the longevity. It’s likely that the more hardcore manager would take this option, as well as managers who usually take the LLaMa (Lower League Manager) approach to the FM series and aren’t afraid to start with a team of players they have never heard of.
One of the reasons ‘GW hopping’ is so common is that managers struggle at the start of a GW or that they can’t sign their favourite players. The advantage of a regen-only GW in this case is that people can’t get attached to real life players. I believe that this would act to create an even playing field and limit GW hopping.

To be or not to be?

Anyone who reads the SI forums will know that is now commonplace to ask for Pro gameworlds. A Pro GW allows people to move from another GW with all their skills intact. I think it is of vital importance to make a regen-only GW either Beginner or Semi-Pro.

The GW would not last if there was the ability to have Judging Potential or Commercial skills from the get go. All this would do is take away the sense of equality upon opening, meaning there would be a massive division of people who just use the skills to create a major advantage at the beginning and then others who had joined purely to have a more balanced environment in which it was down to the manager’s ability to spot talent and have good tactical ability.

When can we expect it?

I certainly don’t think this will be near the top of Sports Interactive’s priorities at this moment in time so I don’t think it will be any time soon. As far as I know, there hasn’t been any official word on this either.

As mentioned earlier, a beta stage is likely meaning months of testing are inevitable. The three latest GWs – Callaghan, Whiteside and Altobelli –have also been confirmed as the last three planned at this stage. After this, they will be at their “initial capacity for gameworlds and, as such, we will unlikely be launching new gameworlds until either the existing gameworlds are full or there is increased demand for new gameworlds,” as quoted by BertieBG on the SI forums.

Written By Tom Hales
Tom is a long-term FML player with an interest in scouting and finding great talent. You can follow the fortunes of his team at armchairamateurs.com, his FML side's official blog.
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