Jul 01

Episode 23 – Gameworld One co-founder returns


Jordan Cooper gatecrashes the studio to insult host Gareth Millward in his first episode back since December 2008. We discuss what’s changed in FML since then, what still feels unfinished, and perhaps where the game needs to go from here. And when exactly are we going to get rid of those godawful trash cans?

“Studio” Guest:
Jordan Cooper moderator in Fowler and host of the GetSacked podcast from yesteryear…

Topics of Discussion:
6 months? What’s new, then?

Featured Community Blog of the Week
The Fiery Baptist, the official blog of the St. Johns gameworld.


If you would like to submit a listener question, have your FML blog/site featured or can suggest any topics you’d like to hear discussed on the show – don’t hesitate to e-mail Jordan or Millie at podcast@gameworldone.com, leave a comment on the podcast page, or post in the podcast section of the FM-Britain forums.

“Trash cans” provided by podsafeaudio.com under the creative commons licence and performed by the Crazy Ivans.


Lots of links to give you, so here’s the main ones:

Nik Reeves-McLaren’s A Mod’s Life
Jakswan’s blog
Alex Harris’s guide to stadium building
Fortuna Aeternitas which was last week’s blog of the week – double the exposure!

Written By Jordan Cooper
A moderator on GW Fowler and a co-founder of Gameworld One.Com, he has hosted/produced the Get Sacked! podcast for nearly two years providing humor and strategical insight to all about the FM series.
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