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How does 1.2 affect Scouting and Player Progression?


162x90genlogo How does 1.2 affect Scouting and Player Progression?With 1.2 practically upon us, I thought I’d highlight some of the updates and features that affect the player/scouting side to the game.

- Made a change to the way wage demands are calculated so that now wage demand will drop more sharply the longer a player is a free agent (though there is still a minimum that a player will ever settle for depending on that player’s ability and reputation.)

The importance of this feature is obvious to anyone who has trawled through the free agent list and spotted lots of older players rotting away without a club. While many of them would still be top players, it’s often the case that people don’t see them as a good short term option, mainly due to their crippling wage demand. Their demand will now reduce the longer they spend without a club.

- Made a change to the player attributes panel so it now has 5 arrows to choose from instead of 3 when showing player progression – this should give a better indication of exactly how well (or not) the player is progressing.

Particularly useful for youths, this addition allows you to see exactly how players are progressing. Instead of having the basic green (increase) and red (decrease) arrows as well as the standard one to indicate that no progression has been made, there are now also diagonal arrows to show the degree of progression for each attribute.

- Made a change to spread the creation of excess regens out throughout the day (rather than it all being done at midnight)

Perfect for the less hardcore user or someone who can’t make it online every midnight to view the new regens.

- Replaced ‘Free Agents’ and ‘Trial Contracts’ default filters with a ‘Free Agents & Trials’ default filter, to further hint that trialists can be considered as free agents, and in-line with recent changes to apply scouting skill visibility to trialists in the same way as it is applied to free agents.

This is a nice little feature. Many people have a tendency to trial a player in an attempt to narrow down the people who can view the player. If you also have the ‘Trial Contracts’ filter selected when looking at free agents, this would pretty much go unnoticed to you, although it does tidy up the process somewhat.

- Made an adjustment to player progression meaning that mega old players (more than 4 years past their peak) will decline more quickly.

Be sure to look out for this if you have a player who is almost ‘over the hill.’ If a player is well past the peak of their powers, be prepared for a flurry of red arrows.

- Made a change so newly generated players will not progress until they have existed in the game world for at least 3 game months (1 week real time.)

Have you ever signed a new regen from the free agent pool only to find they have a large number of arrows? This fix will ensure that this doesn’t happen to a player unless they have been without a club for at least a week.

- When a player is signed on trial, his visibility to other users on the player search page remains subject to their scouting skills.

In the current system (or if you’re reading this a little late – pre 1.2), if a player is signed on a trial contract, that player would be available for all to see (providing the necessary filters had been set up, of course). Now, you have to have the relevant scouting skills to be able to view them. Hopefully, this will lead to slightly less inflated wages for youths.
I think they are the major ones covered. Obviously, they aren’t the ones you would instantly notice but they are all major bonuses and make the game feel a little more polished. The first one is mightily important in my mind (and the minds of many people on the forums bemoaning old players not being utilised enough). It should go a long way to rectify the longevity in player‘s careers that isn’t really there at the moment. Maybe players over 30 will be looked upon with respect from now on.

Written By Tom Hales
Tom is a long-term FML player with an interest in scouting and finding great talent. You can follow the fortunes of his team at armchairamateurs.com, his FML side's official blog.
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