Jun 30

1.2 update issues


There have been a number of users reporting problems since the upgrade to 1.2. today. Essentially, it appears there are two problems.

1. The download server is down.

2. There are some compatability issues with older clients.

If you are getting a message saying your client is incompatable with your gameworld, then you need to reinstall the client. Do this by:

  • Uninstall FML
  • Remove the FML programme data – in Vista type %appdata% into the “run” bar in the start menu. In XP go to C:Documents and SettingsApplication Data – the FML files should be in the Sports Interactive folder – delete this FML folder (not the Sports Interactive folder!)
  • Reinstall FML by downloading the client from the official website

If you have done this correctly, when you re-launch FML you should be greeted by this:

The opening screen

This means everything at your end is fine. The problem is that the FML download server is down.

This is the information I have managed to groom from the official site. Obviously, the useful Sports Interactive and SEGA posts have been drowned out with spam and nonsense. It is affecting me, it is affecting other GameWorldOne.com users – just sit tight and wait for them to fix it.

Once we get more news, we will update this post. We’ll see you in your respective gameworlds very soon!

Edit 1: 22:21pmthe latest news is available through this thread on the Sports Interactive forums.

Edit: 22:41 – According the swissyellow, there is no chance of the game being up tonight, but should be fixed by the morning. Looks like a serious problem. I suggest, like me, you all get some sleep, and GameWorldOne will keep you updated on what’s gone on tomorrow.

Gives you chance to listen to the old podcasts and articles if you haven’t already done so!

Written By Gameworld One.Com Staff
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